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Default Re: Oven plans to Genova

Grazie, James. A good lesson. (again)

Congrats again on the Genova connection. You shared a version of an ancient, or at least, a very old plan to build an oven based on current materials and methods. I don't think you can patent a plan or method that has been in use for a couple of thousand years. You should, however, be justifiably be proud that your website has become something of a gospel for building an authentic Italian oven, even for Italians. That is very noteworty in itself and hopefully, a just a glimpse at the future you envisioned when you started this project. I have no doubt that the spreading of "the word" will benefit FB in the future.
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Default Re: Oven plans to Genova

When I started my internet search on building pizza ovens, the first page I came accross was one in German about an oven made of cast concrete. And I'm going, wow cool, I want to do that!

...Then I found this site.

Which has to be the best on the net. Anyone searching the internet for WFO plans in English (rather than, say, buying a book on the subject) is likely to end up here. So is it really that surprising that an Italian should turn up, along with all the other nationalities?

But yes, its still very cool!
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