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mustbecrazy 07-17-2010 12:12 PM

Need Advice about wife
Well, I have decided to build a wood fired pizza oven, but by wife thinks not.
I have mentally run though the usual "tricks" us guys use to convince the little woman that we really-really-really need a WFO. (Oops- ladies quit reading now)

"Like surprising her with it as a present for her, I may be able to hide the WFO from her as I am going to build it at our farm, but I am currently using this one on another project."

Maybe the:"It is just for relaxation. So was the boat, which now just sits in the garage."

"It wouldn't cost anything to build, because I have everything already trick." She can see through that one the first time I stop to pick up one more sack of cement.

A strong argument would be "I'll do all the cooking in it so you won't have to cook" but I am not going to build it at home so that wouldn't work. Plus I might get tire of cooking all the time, besides that's woman's work. oops erase-erase- how to I delete- OH MAN- I'm in trouble now.. no just kidding.."All house hold chores should be equally shared and I really believe this..yes honestly I do.. I'm not kidding."

"Its for the kids" (They're adults so let them build their own)

"I'll buy you something of equal or greater value" ouch..this one can really hurt. Lets not go this direction.

"It can be for my birthday present." If I live to be 120.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I already have all the brick, steel, gravel, and I am anxious to begin.

I gotta go she's starting to get suspicious as to what I am doing on the computer. Our secret right?
Thanks Gene

david s 07-17-2010 02:02 PM

Re: Need Advice about wife
I had to take my wife to the doctor yesterday and the doctor pulled me aside and said
" I don't like the look of her"
I replied "Neither do I but she's a great cook and she's terrific with the kids".

Gene, you could just build it and suffer the consequences. You could use

Grimaldi 07-17-2010 02:03 PM

Re: Need Advice about wife
A man has to do what a man has to do...just do it and suffer the consequences :p

Then tell her it could be a money making enterprise for her, she could take up the hobby of baking bread and sell it at the farmer's market...then throw out some number like if she bakes 30 loafs @ $5 a loaf she can make an extra $140 ($10 for flour) a week spending money. If that doesn't impress her, jack up the numbers accordingly ;) Plus, she will makes lots of new friends and can catch up on all the gossip around town every week :D

Good Luck!

david s 07-17-2010 02:06 PM

Re: Need Advice about wife
Oops... The excuse that you were obsessed and therefore unable to control yourself. I'm sure once you build it she'll love it.

Tscarborough 07-17-2010 02:16 PM

Re: Need Advice about wife
I always use this one to good effect:

OK then, I will start hanging out in bars full of loose women since I have nothing else to do.

Ken524 07-17-2010 04:43 PM

Re: Need Advice about wife
Show her some of the ovens on this site and let her see what we do with our ovens... These things aren't one-trick-ponies. You are welcome to show her my pizza-oven page; I describe how we decided it was worth the effort and time.
Hokester's Wood Fired Pizza Oven

mustbecrazy 07-17-2010 07:07 PM

Re: Need Advice about wife
Grimaldi, I like your suggestion. I actually considered building an oven on a trailer to take to a new farmers market, I spent a couple of days daydreaming about all the money we could make selling pizzas, and all the fun it would be... somehow the idea couldn't get any traction with anyone: Son, Daughter,Wife, grandson. What, is everybody lazy these days? Just do it.(and then suffer the consequences) I like that, here in Eugene we are in Nike country and I have used that "Just Do It" several times. The last time was when I bought a farm and didn't tell my wife until on the way to closing. I'm still sorta suffering the consequences. "Just Do It" is my usual technique, I was hoping to be a little more sophisticated this time.

Tscarborough, that idea sounds real complicated. It's been 42 years since I have been in the dating scene. And then I wasn't allowed in bars. (Too Young) Where does one find bars full of loose women? Whats a good pick-up line? Hi-my name is Gene..I have a woodfired oven hot right now over at my place and would you like to come on over and watch me make pizza? ... Actually that's not bad.

Ken, great pizza oven page.You built one beautiful oven, great job. I bookmarked it, I'll use it later on my "campaign" to win her over. You mentioned some a magic word on your website that I haven't thought about "Italian" oven. She loves Italian food. (I don't really like Italian food except pizza)
I don't want to screw up this so I am going to plan my "campaign" carefully with an answer to every objection. Maybe get some "How to Sell Anything" motivation tapes.
Ken, your spread sheet is great. I actually have everything that you have on your list except mortar cement, Portland cement and insulation.I'm an avid collector of junk.

David, I have used that excuse to good effect several times but needs to be played very carefully or it can back fire. If I did the cooking she would love it so that has potential.

This forum is fantastic, thanks everyone for the advice. Wow.. lots of advice and I haven't even started building yet. Thanks Gene

jverity 07-17-2010 08:10 PM

Re: Need Advice about wife
Gene- I empathize wholeheartedly. I jump from one obsession to another with zeal and enthusiasm, much to my husband's bewildered amusement.

One good point for your wife; cooking from scratch with whole ingredients- organic even, if that makes her day. I am from Washington and us northwestern women get all giddy over whole foods. Traditional Italian whole foods. Oh my!

While I often employ this premise; "it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission", I admire your desire to do things right this time.

This is what would work for me; Say that you have all these wonderful reasons gathered up (incredible food, potential money earnings, rosemary focaccia dipped in olive oil, blah, blah), then dismiss them all. Say that the reasons are not all that important. The truth is that you have another obsession that you want to pursue, but this time instead of going about it behind her back, you want to be more mature. You want her support. You need her as your wife and partner. To her it may seem just another silly obsession that will end up collecting dust, but this is who you are and how you approach life, with passion and zeal for new ideas. You want to include her in that.

See if that works! Good luck!

(Me, I'm taking the surprise him with it for our anniversary approach!)

mustbecrazy 07-17-2010 09:44 PM

Re: Need Advice about wife
Jverity, Thank you, great advice. Obsession is a good word. Without getting into too deep of a discussion about marriage etc, my question would be what if she says no- Not interested? I think I would need to build my case a little bit more before I spring the trap so to speak. But great advice: "I need her as wife and partner."

Meanwhile, I am doing some research, a bit of planning, making some decisions and this forum is fantastic for that. that a lot like Washington? Just kidding. Thanks Gene

Ken524 07-17-2010 09:54 PM

Re: Need Advice about wife

Originally Posted by mustbecrazy (Post 94758)
I haven't thought about "Italian" oven.

Yep... I think "Italian wood-fired brick oven" is a far more accurate description of what we are building. It can cook anything, including pizza.

It's a multi-tasker... Very important when trying to justify the time and cost of the project ;)

If it helps, any concerns my family and extended family had about my project evaporated immediately after our first pizza party.

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