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John Fahle 02-21-2008 07:26 AM

Hello from Texas
Was just referred to this site today. Some friends and me are currently building a clay oven, and I just thought I'd check out the brick stuff.

Xabia Jim 02-21-2008 10:29 AM

Re: Hello from Texas have to tell us more about the clay oven

....and we like pictures!

Acoma 02-21-2008 12:25 PM

Re: Hello from Texas
Clay as in adobe style? Old breadmakers way? Post progress, that is one worth seeing as well.

RCLake 02-21-2008 12:28 PM

Re: Hello from Texas
It will be interesting seeing your progress. What part of texas?

John Fahle 02-22-2008 01:09 AM

Re: Hello from Texas
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Wow. Great welcome, guys. I figured clay wouldn't interest anyone. I figured wrong. Okay, yes, adobe style. San Antonio. And may I say, btw, that this is the most fun that anyone has had in San Antonio since....., well, since the Alamo. We've made huge progress, what with everyone who gets wind of it wanting to help. Today is Friday, we started two Fridays ago, and we started a drying fire two nights ago. (Yeah, I know, brick ovens cure for longer than our whole process took.) But, we're not done. We are trying to cure the inside (hard-pack clay) dome before putting on the insulation, which will be clay and gobs and gobs of sawdust.

The foundation is stacked recycled concrete slab, topped with a poured slab. The floor insulation is recycled beer bottles (we thought we would have enough from the first weekend's drinking, but we ran about twenty short, and had to raid the local bar), packed in clay with sawdust. The clay we dug up on the side of the road in Flooresville, about 30 miles south of here. We added straw to the hard-pack (chopped in a barell with a weed-eater). We added sawdust from a local cabinet maker's shop to the insulation layers. We used new firebrick for the oven floor, and insulation brick recycled from a local 1902 chimney for the arch. So as you can imagine, we're way over budget on this thing. Why, we must have spent over $160 already! (The budget was $150).

Unfortunately, we hardly got any pics of the building process. I don't have more than 300 on my phone, and there are fewer than 100 on my camera. So I'm going to pick the best 100 or so and post them here. (just kidding. Only 75)

I've done some pretty cool things in my life. This is the coolest thing I've been involved with.

John Fahle 02-22-2008 01:13 AM

Re: Hello from Texas
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More pics.

John Fahle 02-22-2008 01:16 AM

Re: Hello from Texas
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And still more.

dusty 02-22-2008 03:35 AM

Re: Hello from Texas
Yep.. very cool indeed! Looks like alot of fun too. Is the dome built around something? Looks like it in cat picture. The dome itself is clay and straw? And you just dug up the clay.

Very, very cool.


Frances 02-22-2008 03:41 AM

Re: Hello from Texas
Yep, definately very cool!

I read about digging up clay for an oven but wussied out and went for bricks...

gjbingham 02-22-2008 07:19 AM

Re: Hello from Texas
Wow! Nice work. I was originally going to do an earthen oven, but didn't like the soot marks that always mar the oven openings. After building my brick WFO, I've got soot marks on my oven opening - go figure! :)

Great build though. That'll make great bread!

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