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feenster 02-14-2007 07:01 AM

Hello from north central Massachusetts
I am looking forward to building a 42" oven this spring, using the plans from Forno Bravo, which I love! Bravo! I will build the oven, and a, hopefully, very pretty enclosure with roof, on the site of the "Garlic and Arts Festival" in Orange MA. ( We are in our 9th year and had around 10,000 visitors last year. I am excited about this project. I love building things but am only a mediocre mason (so far). I am a great Italophile and have experienced real Napolitano pizza in Naples, definitely one of the most wonderful cities on earth. I am planning to follow the design very closely and stucco the exterior and perhaps dress that up with some neighborhood made tiles. I expect to have technical questions as I get closer to the project and am glad for the opportunity of lots of advice.

james 02-14-2007 07:16 AM

Re: Hello from north central Massachusetts
Excellent. I can't wait to see how the GAF attendees enjoy the oven this year. I foresee garlic pizza.

There is a large garlic festival in Gilroy, CA. Are the two related?

feenster 02-14-2007 05:47 PM

Re: Hello from north central Massachusetts
James, thanks for the welcome. No, there are no connections between our festival and the one in Gilroy. It's just that some of the neighbors grow a cash crop of numerous varieties of garlic, and now also, salad greens; all organic, biodiesel, off the grid and all that good stuff. Definitely, garlic pizza and roasted garlic, bruschetta with garlic and tomato, I only wish we could serve red wine to go with it all; but not at this event. The oven will also serve the local community, about a dozen families, during the rest of the year, or at least when the weather is congenial. Right now the wind is howling and we have a foot of snow blowing around.

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