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Bezz 07-25-2009 07:32 PM

Hello from Calgary
Hey guys, just stumbled upon this site and have found it to be a great tool for research. Thanks for the info and with any luck I'll be starting an oven in the spring!

Alfredo 07-27-2009 04:55 PM

Re: Hello from Calgary
You expect spring in Calgary? We haven't even had summer yet here ;)

Welcome to another Canadian!


Calyponte 03-31-2010 11:49 PM

Re: Hello from Calgary
Hey, another hello from Calgary,
Just joined this site, it's great...
Ive been itching to build an oven for a while; it must be embedded in the Italian DNA, which I am a proud possessor of. My Dad in Argentina has built one, years ago, and we use it not only for bread or pizza, but amazing BBQs, beef racks, half a pig, lamb etc. The size is pretty descent, but Im going to go for a smaller (entry level) oven. I am still trying to find out where to buy clay or refractory mortars and bricks..
Bezz, have you had any luck on this? Where did you get your materials from?
Thank you in advance..

Neil2 04-01-2010 01:52 PM

Re: Hello from Calgary
Are you planning to cook pancakes in it ?

Calyponte 04-01-2010 02:13 PM

Re: Hello from Calgary
Oh no, we're big meat eaters, so more like a beef half rack of ribs, half a lamb or pig... I'm thinking on a Russian type of oven, long and narrow..

Cefacibey 04-04-2010 12:52 AM

Re: Hello from Calgary
I-XL Masonry | Home

I just purchased everything i need from these guys ...I'll be building one in the next month or so..they are located in the S.E.

Calyponte 04-05-2010 11:50 AM

Re: Hello from Calgary
Aha! Their name came up during my search but didn't know if they would sell small amounts.. they sounded like a wholesale type of shop.
Thanks for your note, my search is over!! I’ll drop by their location this week..

Spunkoid 11-16-2010 06:34 PM

Re: Hello from Calgary
Bezz, Calyponte, Cefacibey,

How goes your builds?
If you are interested, I found some large bags of Caputo flour at the Italian Market on Edmonton Trail and about 20th St. It is not on the shelves, but in the back room. They have not put it out because the shipment came in past its best before date. Flour keeps forever if it is stored properly so I don't think the best before date is an issue. They also have San Marzano Tomatos. Ask for Marco. If the best before date bothers you, have a look around, you will find small bags of 00 flour, but a different brand.
I also found Mozza de Buffa at Springbank Cheese, watch the best before dates though.
I live in Cochrane and built my oven last year. Still not finished as I still need to stucco the outside... next year country now. Makes great pizzas, roasts, turkeys, roasted apples, etc. It has become the talk of the neighborhood.

Pancho1976 10-06-2011 03:47 PM

Re: Hello from Calgary
Hey Calyponte, did you require any building permit for the oven? did you do it outside?

Pancho1976 10-06-2011 03:51 PM

Re: Hello from Calgary
Have you guys done your ovens? Did you have to get a permit? I built an Argentine brick BBQ and now I want more, so planning to build a pizza oven beside it. I'd like to get some feedback from you.

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