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verite 05-28-2009 11:49 AM

Hello from Bexley, Ohio
Hello, I have been a lurker at this site since we decided to put in a pizza oven outside our kitchen sliding glass door. We live in a modern house which has been renovated by my architect husband. We purchased a 39" dome from a Central Ohio pizza restaurant owner and my husband started construction on the foundation last fall, but then cold weather set in and the project was put on hold. We viewed many oven photos here and on the web, but he wanted to design something modern to go w our house. He finished the firebrick laying last weekend and purchased a slab of granite that will sit in front of the door. Our oven will look cubist when complete with a slight taper from the front to back to run off water. He will use a cement stucco (I believe this is the correct term) similar to one used in a fireplace in our front living room.

We decided to put in a wood fire oven after purchasing a Wittus soapstone fire stove from our main living. We absolutely love it. I wanted to put in a second one that had on oven but due to our roof line and mature trees surrounding the house we could not find a location. We settled instead for an oven that will be just outside our kitchen off a dining patio. I posted a photo under hearth and stand earlier today and will gladly post more as completion nears. We're almost ready for the dome. Joe will purchase insulating blanket from the FB store to line around the dome. He is planning to put a nearly flat (our house has flat roofs) lid on possibly made of copper supported underneath by copper pipes (I'm not a copper lover until it turns the deep brown color that is found on nearby downspouts & scuppers so I'm pushing for other options for the lid at this time.) Our live has been one work in progress after another since meeting in '85;)

Thank you for all the valuable information that you share!

dougrappe 05-31-2009 05:45 AM

Re: Hello from Bexley, Ohio
Greetings, Sounds like an interesting project. I can totally relate to the design issues you're talking about, we have an old home with a modern addition, so it's been hard to decide which way to go with the oven design. Looks like we'll have very traditional base with a modernist enclosure!

By the way, I love those Wittus wood stoves, (our insurance company doesn't) all my firemaking has to happen outdoors.

Good luck and have fun.


CajunKnight 05-31-2009 08:46 AM

Re: Hello from Bexley, Ohio
good luck and have fun...

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