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james 06-30-2007 02:58 AM

Greetings from Paris
Hello all,

We are working our way back to CA from Florence, taking a week in Paris and a week in the UK seeing family. I am going to have pretty sporadic Internet access while we are traveling, so I won't be very active in the group.

Keep up the good work and keep building and cooking!

Balty Knowles 06-30-2007 08:22 PM

Re: Greetings from Paris
Where are you visiting in England? I grew up in the North close to Scotland.

james 07-01-2007 02:42 AM

Re: Greetings from Paris
Gloucester. Carrie grew up in London, we met in Cambridge (computer company) and her family is now out west.

I think the rental car can do the drive in its sleep.

On another topic -- we went to boulangerie Poilane yesterday! The bread is incredible, there was a line to get in, and they even let me downstairs to take photos of the oven. I will post the photos later.

Hendo 07-01-2007 06:02 PM

Re: Greetings from Paris
Ah! Pain Poilâne au Levain Naturel – one of the major factors in motivating me to build an oven!

I don’t know about you, James, but the idea of queueing for around 10-15 minutes along a narrow footpath, ordering a specific number of slices of their wonderful sourdough bread, having it weighed and paying for just what you require is – well – distinctly foreign to me. It took me a mere mouthful to understand why Parisians are happy to do this each time they want a slice or two.


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