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Default Re: Enough Lurking - time to commit

Originally Posted by brokencookie View Post
The most efficient use of the space requires a corner install. This should leave me with a 3 ft walkway betwee the oven and the house. It also limits me to a 36 in oven.
Just chiming in here to say that I originally planned on building a 42"... But due to one thing and another it ended up as a 40" oven... And it is still ample for feeding family and friends! Just the other day I was thinking that 36" would have been enough really...

So I'm sure 36" will work out for you. And personally, I like corner installation ovens. And the igloo style.
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Default Re: Enough Lurking - time to commit

DUH! Sorry All! The 46" was a typo, (or a 'middle-aged moment'!) I meant to put 42", That's what I built.
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Default Re: Enough Lurking - time to commit

I just went out and measured mine. It's a 37" corner installation oven with a slightly too long entryway (in my opinion), and medium sized landing. I misspoke about the dimensions of my slab area. It is only 8' 6" wide. My oven ended up closer to the wall than I thought it would be - the corner of the landing is only 29 inches away. The corner of the decorative arch is 33" from the wall.

I think that you will be fine with the space that you have and still have plenty of room to design your finish.

BTW, if you're planning on stucco, plan way ahead. No one carries it in the NW as far as I can figure. Even Mutual Materials doesn't have it. If you need it, maybe you'll have better luck finding it up North. I had to special order mine at Lowes, but they can only get it on a re-stocking shipment. It's been about 3 weeks so far and it's still not here.


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Default Re: Enough Lurking - time to commit

Thanks for all the input. My wife and I are still dicussing the finish of the oven. I may have made a mistake and showed the the photos of finished ovens She is currently lobbying for "natural" stone or brick for the exterior. I have done both types of work around the house and yard so I can't quite claim ignorance. I am held captive by my own success Oh well...keeping the wife happy is all part of the oven building scheme. Happy wife = pizza making - unhappy wife = building dog house to live in
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