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AnnaM1001 12-02-2005 05:43 PM

Considering a caterer pizza oven-advice?
Hi Folks,

My husband and I are thinking of investing in a mobile pizza oven in order to start a small business (farmers mkts, parties, fairs, etc...).

Any advice? This is just a thought at this point, so we're open to any suggestions.

We live in the Seattle, WA area.


Marcel 12-03-2005 09:20 AM

Portable oven by Forno Bravo Info.


(M) Consider contacting James, the administrator of this site by writing to him at

James has built a couple of great mobile ovens that can be seen at:

(M) I found the following Copy-Paste from James at:

"I am pleased to announce that we have finished the first two Forno Bravo portable ovens. The first model is a 43" oven set on a 6'W x 12'L trailer, and we think it looks great. We've towed it around, heated it up and put it through its paces at a party, and it's just great. It looks nice, dresses up well for a party, and it's great thermally. The first two go to Seattle and upstate NY. It's funny, but I'm terribly sad to see them shipped out. I want my own. :D

Still, there will be more. It is a commercial product, and we are hoping to sell lots of them, and we will keep the next one ourselves for use in the NorCal wine country.

Take a look at the pages on It's pretty cool.


(M) Since you are in the Seattle area, Anna, you might find out if you could see James' oven there.
================================================== ==

(M) Another source for possible Info would be:

Mike's oven is on small wheels and moves mainly at his home but he may still have relevant suggestions for you.

Best of luck,


AnnaM1001 12-06-2005 12:21 AM

Thank you!
Thanks for your suggestions. I will contact James to find the one in Seattle.

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