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Default Re: Building a store-bought oven in Holland

Is this a better view? Not the best of pictures due to the waning light.
Building a store-bought oven in Holland-dsc00584-960x1280-.jpg

There is indeed a damper in the flue.
We had a choice of a flueless oven, one with the flue on top of the dome or the one we have bought, with the flue on the front portal.

Firing the oven a bit hotter today makes it all the more apparent that we need to insulate the thing further, the outside got to about 80C at its hottest point, around 60 on the sides. Measuring the bottom slab I get to about 45C (while inside the floor tiles get to about 200C outside of the fire, I have not moved it to measure directly below. I feel insulating the outside and bottom will give us the biggest improvement at the moment. And anyway, as you say, pizza's are the main goal at the moment
Volo et Valeo
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Default Re: Building a store-bought oven in Holland

Today we had our first pizza-session. The first one went horribly wrong, I couldn't get the thing from worksurface to peel and it kind of ended in a mess. A tasty mess however
The second pizza I made on the peel but it wouldn'd budge when I tried to shove it in the oven. We turned that one into a calzone. From the third one on I had the correct swing and we had a great night.
Building a store-bought oven in Holland-dsc00612-1280x960-.jpg
Building a store-bought oven in Holland-dsc00619-1280x960-.jpg

I read that the oven should be fired hot for about 10 times before putting on the insulating layer. The coming week we'll try to do a few firings so hopefully we can take advantage of the good weather and get the oven nicely insulated before it catches any rain.
Volo et Valeo
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