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Default Re: Bricks & stuff

I have a feeling they might be as you said, Americanized Chinese. It is rare to be able to have true Chinese food in the US. What we have here vs what is there are sooo different.
And most of what is sold as Chinese food in the US is being made by people originally from Hong Kong. The people from Honkers were the first to be traveling abroad. And the first to go to the US during the 1800s to work on the railroads. Why they bastardized the food so is beyond me.
Occasionally, when I go back to the states on my annual visit I can get some Real Chinese food. But only when I walk in the door and immediately start speaking Chinese with them. It takes a moment usually for them to get over their shock of a white guy speaking their language but once they do they are usually all smiles. Then when I explain that I live in China and ask them to cook for me like they would for themselves can I usually get what I want.
The only other place is in China Town in Manhattan. I'm originally from NY and my wife and I used to go into the city sometimes for Chinese food. China Town has so many Chinese that the odds are better. There are restaurants frequented by Chinese, and we go there.
The China Town in LA seems small, the one in San Fran much bigger but anywhere there is a large population of Chinese you might be able to get the real deal.
I will look around a bit here and if I see those breads I will let you know.
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Default Re: Bricks & stuff

I will ask the Chinese lady who introduced me to their existence where she first heard of them and report back. I would be pleased to hear of a non-American origin.

I agree, the food I've gotten in restaurants in L.A. Chinatown (35 minutes away) is more Americanized and the food I've ordered in San Francisco Chinatown tastes more 'authentic' Chinese to me.
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Default Re: Bricks & stuff

Is she Chinese-Chinese or ABC (American Born Chinese)? Depending on which, you might not see her for a few days. Big holiday here. The biggest as far as they are concerned. Chinese (Lunar) New Year's Eve tonight.
It is only 8:00 pm right now but outside my window is non-stop fireworks. And I mean that literally. Think Grand Finale at 4th of July but this is constant, FOR HOURS.Glad I am not working in the morning because its going to be difficult to get any sleep tonight. Usually goes on all through the night. 7:00 AM there will still be some. This usually continues for about a week...
And most Chinese will be off with relatives, think Thanksgiving, lots of food, family, etc.
So, you probably won't see her fr a few days.
If she is ABC she might be around though.
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