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Default Re: Am I mad!!

I started my WFO in Texas last March while I was living in Chicago. I have the dome just about finished! I hope to finish the dome around July of this year. Why so long you ask? Well now I am living in Saudia Arabia.
I can't wait to get it done


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Default Re: Am I mad!!

thanks again for the encouragement. i have read and read and read a wee bit more. looks like i will have to take the plunge and get started soon, got a plan in my head, know where it should be going, just got to get into it.

the great thing so far is that any question that has poped into my head, has been answered in a previous post somewhere.

i will take pics and post them as i go along..

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Default Re: Am I mad!!

I say "NO",
But there are many Non-Believers out there that would say "Definitely".
When I showed up at work yesterday with 2000lbs of firebrick in my truck and explained to my co-workers what I am building, most of them said "Your NUTS". While for most of them its hopeless, I hope to gain a few Converts (aka helpers) over the next few months.

Good luck with your build, and have fun.

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Default Re: Am I mad!!

Hi 1a1n!!

Welcome to the FB Forum! Well.. let me start by saying that "being mad" is all relative. If it is about our WFO building, then possibly. If it is about cooking/baking great pizzas & breads and enjoying them with family and friends, then no...

No worries, our significant others will soon "convert" to our side once our ovens start dishing out beautiful and tasty meals!

I have yet to finish my WFO, and my wife has been very patient, but I know that she will "see the light" once it's all done!

The FB members here have experience and are always willing to help out a new WFO builder. They have given me valuable advice!

Post pics of your build! And most of all, have fun while you're building!

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