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jcg31 01-07-2012 01:26 PM

Wood on Wheels
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I came across these photos on an old flash card and can't find any evidence that I had posted this project before.

In order to better utilize the space under the oven I created these (see attached photos) three very simple carts. The two side carts hold a good supply of wood, the middle stores tools of the trade and acts as the door to the space.

A fairly simple project requiring just pipe , elbows and caps, lengths of flat steel (all from Home Depot, long horizontal pieces of pipe cut to measured length and threaded at store, shorter threaded lengths off the shelf), wheels (from HFTools), machine bolts, nuts and lockwashers, black spray paint (hdepot). While I did some welding, all that is really needed is a grinder or hack saw (for cutting flat steel to length) and a drill for bolt placements.

Most of effort is in screwing everything together.

The only welding I did was to lock in all the joints and to attach the four short pieces of pipe to the swivel for the stand that keeps the cooking tools at the ready (last of three photos), both tasks could be handled differently without welding.


Gulf 01-07-2012 04:35 PM

Re: Wood on Wheels
Excellent idea! The wood storage under my oven can only be accessed from the front once it is finnished. Now I know how to use every bit of available space under there. Thanks for sharing.

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