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Default Re: Using a Wet Tile Saw for Fire Bricks?

A cut off drop saw of the type designed for cutting steel can be fitted with a diamond blade, then set up a simple gravity feed water set up using a plastic tube against the blade and a tap to regulate the flow.
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Default Re: Using a Wet Tile Saw for Fire Bricks?

I thought that only a 14 inch wet saw would cut in one pass? not true? especially the taper.

Also, one of my construction buddys assures me that I want to get a wet saw, especially with firebrick, rather than a 14 inch chop saw fitted with a masonry blade. He says that while I may use a mask to cut, all that stuff is floating around my yard, waiting on me to breath it later, or my kids.

So, I may just rent a 14 inch for the major cutting, even though I just bought a 10 in Harbor Frieght wet saw, still in the box, just to avoid the double cut. I just have to get hendo's method down pat. For any wondering how to cut, look up Hendo, and see his excellent pictoral guide to cutting the tapers.

I ate at a local coal fired brick oven place for lunch today. I could see the brick dome whilst peeking, but the floor was one solid piece, no seems. I wonder if it was soapstone.
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Default Re: Using a Wet Tile Saw for Fire Bricks?

Heads up for all the Aussies out there Bunninngs have CHEAP wet saws in the tile section. $80 for what i've seen going for $180 on scam-bay. They have 4 different brands of the same saw.
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Default Re: Using a Wet Tile Saw for Fire Bricks?

I was wondering about this too.

I bought a 14 inch chop (cut off) saw and a $6.00 masonry blade. Prices for chop saws at the big box stores ranged from $80 to $450. Mine was $150.

The sales guy said it was dusty so I thought of some way to run a bit of irrigation tubing with the shut off valve as someone suggested up-post.

The manual said to never replace the blade and try to cut masonry with it. But even the brick guys said it was OK to do so.

I was also thinking of building some sort of form to hold bricks in the right position to do the miters. Anyone tried this?
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