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Rbhumbert 06-25-2014 09:55 AM

Tuscan Style Grill
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For you tool junkies out there that do often visit the Roasting & Grilling thread, I'm posting this here also. For those that have come across this before, I apologize.

I have been reading about all the great meals you guys have been making with your Tuscan grills and decided it was time to move past just pizza and bread and do some grilling. I decided I wanted to be able to adjust the height of the grill off the coals, so I came up with what you see in the attached photos. I found most of the materials laying around, including a old grill, just needed to buy the allthread and threaded coupling. I have never regretted the $150 I spent on my used wire welder. Being self taught, my welding isn't perfect, but I have used it so many times to make and fix so many different things.

I haven't got a chance to test drive the grill yet. Any advice as to what to cook and how to cook it? See next post for remaining photos.

cobblerdave 06-27-2014 11:31 PM

Re: Tuscan Style Grill
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Face the bars towards the door, Not crossways to it. I know its sounds pretty petty....but Ill tell you, if something sticks a bit to those bars you'll make a hell of a mess trying to get if off. I boned out a chicken, marinated it and then proceeded to make a whole lot of little pieces out of it, because the bars were sideways.

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Tasted good, looked like...well....not so good

Regards Dave

ATK406 06-28-2014 10:16 PM

Re: Tuscan Style Grill
Good point Dave. I never thought about it before and wondered what you were saying at first. Having access to the food from only one direction means that you want to be able to lift the food from each bar at once as opposed to separating the food from each bar in series. One of the beautiful things about Humbert's design is that it can be rotated on its axis (like a "lazy susan") and you can access the food from any direction necessary.

Interesting idea Mr Humbert! Now we just need to mechanize it (like a rotisserie). :p


ugnsnisse 06-29-2014 02:00 PM

Re: Tuscan Style Grill
I'm sketching on a grill and this design looks promising. Just wondering how the threads will behave over time, what gauge are those?

cobblerdave 06-29-2014 02:46 PM

Re: Tuscan Style Grill
Maintenance for a Tuscan grill is of the most importance. Because they are subject to more heat than say a gas grill they tend to rust fast. I leave it to the following day and any food is pure carbon by then and a wire brush takes it off then its a good spray with cooking oil and it's away for next time. Recon any threads would be best treated the same. I'm proud that I'm so disciplined as in the past I have been know to have to clean a BBQ before I could use it i:o
One thing that I've noticed with a Tuscan grill you don't need to take it to pizza temps to get a usable bed of coals result is black walls. Even with a little flame of to one side its hard to see the top of your food at night. I'm still thinking of a usable simple solution. At the moment it one of those daggy torch on a hat but there's got to be something simpler.
For the moment ill battle on I love the Tuscan grill it so fast with the coals and the heat reflected off the walls and you can't beat the taste!
Regards dave

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