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Thanks Neil,
That looks like exactly what i am looking for. I really appreciate your time on this. I'll post some pics as it comes together, unfortunately our winter is rapidly approaching and I'm going to have to build an inclosure soon.

Do you have any experience with thermocouples? I have one and am trying to find out where the best place to mount one is. Is it in the hearth or in the wall?
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Hey All,
I've since looked through most of the thermocouple threads and still don't feel like I've found an answer to my question. If I have only one thermocouple and I will be cooking both Pizzas and Breads where is the best place to locate this device. Hearth or the in the dome? Would it be better to try to read surface temps or Soak?
Thanks for your help
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Hi Eric,
with regards to your single thermocouple location, I personally would not waste my time nor money (not that they are expensive though).
I have 4 in my Pompeii, 2 in the floor and 2 in the dome to measure the just below surface temps and the soak of the bricks. I even bought a 10 thermocouple switch from the UK, hooked it all up and have no need to use it.
Since you have a single one, (as you are so keen to try it), then I would , set it beneath the centre of the hearth brick floor to measure the bottom of the floor, or the soak. I chose this because you can measure very accurately the surface temperatures of both any part of your hearth and dome surface temperatures but not what it is at the other side of the brick.
I am not saying that they are a waste of time, effort and money, BUT, the more you use them with the oven, then the easier it is to determine the temps with time, fire ferocity and general experience, what the temperatures are and how far the heat has penetrated the bricks.
If you are a 'serious bread baker', then the information from more than one single thermocouple will give you the ability to accurately determine how many bakes and how much per bake as well as where to locate your goods within the oven for success.
They are almost useless to cook pizzas as you can measure the hearth surface temperature and you can watch them cook as well as check under them for degree of 'cookedness' (if such a word exists). As the oven cools (and is verified with a laser thermometer), you cook longer, until is to your satisfaction. You cannot do this with a closed bread oven and you can't check the degree of 'cookedness' until you remove the bread, allow it to cool and cut or break it open. If you got it right, then you were very lucky , extremely talented or had blind faith in tour multiple thermocouple information.
I also played around with the vent illustration and as I would make it. Very easy to do but may need some cuts in the rolled edges on the LH and RH sides if you don't have access to a Jenny. A few tacks of weld, a large hole cut in the top, the ring welded on and done!!!!
Oh, incidentally, I always make the top hole large enough to fit the shrunk end of the flue but not the flue diameter! The flue sits on the vent but cannot slip through the hole, making securing unnecessary.

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My Scott oven has a brick smokebox about 26" wide by 8" deep and my 8"double wall flue sits on the far left edge. This allowed me to clear the roof ridge. The smoke box is about 14" above the vault exit. I do have a small amount of smoke exit the outer door on startup but I don't believe it is affected by the flue location. If I were concerned about it I would make my outer opening no higher than my vault opening (mine aches about 5" higher. You could light a small newspaper torch under the flue when beginning the burn to start the draft.

I am using only 4' of chimney so yours should draft even better. Now that I know about top down fires I believe I will have almost no smoke exit the door even during startup.

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offset chimney, thermocouple

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