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ShannonCorum 02-14-2013 08:31 AM

Need more space
I've been mulling over how to fix my oven problems for quite some time now. About 7 months now. I have an idea of what all needs to be done, but don't have enough room in front of my oven to do it. I have the oven built over the foam shape from Brick Wood Ovens. Unfortunately, it has a lot of flaws and I don't want to tear it down and start over if I can avoid that. Here's what I'd like to do:

1) Close up existing chimney inside dome
2) Add smaller arch infront and close up opening, will also create the downward sloop for better heat flow
3) Build a second arch out front and make new chimney there.
4) Cover oven with cladding and if possible some insulation (vermicrete or fiber blanket).

My problem is that I only have enough room in front of my oven to build the first arch to close up the doorway. I need about 8-16 inches to create the new chimney as well.

Would it be possible to pour a small concrete footer in front of oven. Then build a "table" that would butt up next to the current concrete slab. I would probably drive rebar into the footer to later stack cinderblocks on for the "legs" of the table. Probably only one cinderblock deep (16"). I would of course pour concrete inside the cinderblocks and around rebar for extra stability. Then I would make a concrete slap for the "table" part our of 5000psi concrete and rebar (like I did for the part under my oven). I thought about adding a metal bar underneath to join the new one to the old one so it wouldn't move or fall forward since it will only be about 16-18" deep.

This would add an additional 16-18" infront of my oven, which is plenty of room to make the changes/additions I need to fix my poor oven problems.

All that being said. I have absolutely no concrete knowledge/experience other than what I've done on my oven so far so I don't even know if putting that addition on front is even doable or will work the way I'm hoping.

Any advise?


brickie in oz 02-14-2013 11:18 PM

Re: Need more space

Originally Posted by ShannonCorum (Post 145571)
I have the oven built over the foam shape from Brick Wood Ovens.

Sorry, but cant anyone who bough this dodgy oven design sue for faulty goods? :confused:

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