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Faith In Virginia 09-10-2013 05:18 AM

My new life of 36
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I did not expect interest in my latest baking tool the Dutchess BMIH 36 and I don't want to hijack another thread so I started a new thread.

I've been looking a dough dividers for a long time. Many things I bake require many portions so scaling becomes time consuming. So your shooting for a 100 gram portion you cut off a piece of dough and it weighs 120, whack off a piece and now you have 90, add a piece now you have 105...close enough then do it again and again. On rare occasion you hit your mark on one shot, a moment of personal celebration.

I did buy a Dutchess dough divider / rounder and still in the process of bringing it back to life. This machine weighs 900 lbs and is a real beast. The parts are lots of cast iron and steel so cleaning and keeping from rusting will be a trick.

Now the new Dutchess BMIH 36 has a removable cutting head that is so easy to clean (that is if you clean it regularly) It's parts are non corrosive and non porous so lots of aluminum and plastic. The entire head assembly comes off the machine and disassembles with just 4 thumb screws(no tools required)

Now I need to adjust my formulas to accommodate 36, 36 rolls at 100 grams. 36 strands of Challah, 36 English Muffins, 36 pretzels and so on.

Here are a few pictures the first is one before I started cleaning. This thing was really gross but it cleaned up perfectly.

Just for the crazy of this thing..To get this divider I made the deal off of craigslist, Drove 700 miles there drove 700 miles back all in 24.5 hours. (and I only got one speeding ticket in West Virginia)

The people were great to deal with they had other restaurant stuff for sale so I picked up a few baking racks (one for the WFO area) and an equipment table. They threw in the extras for almost nothing. Well worth the trip.

mrchipster 09-10-2013 05:59 AM

Re: My new life of 36
Ok, now I need to come to VA to become a taste tester, almost every time you take a photo of something I get interested in what I see in the background, this time what appears to be a large deck oven with a huge belt loader....

BTW looks like an interesting divider and in real good shape....after the clean-up.

deejayoh 09-10-2013 08:01 AM

Re: My new life of 36
When does the bakery open :)

SCChris 09-10-2013 10:07 AM

Re: My new life of 36
Very nice!


cobblerdave 09-10-2013 01:24 PM

Re: My new life of 36
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What a find ! Recon that's well worth the trip as you certainly need it to go the commercial path.
A younger Dave used to be a sailor and if you were up in the wee hours you always gave the cooks a hand with the bake. No room for Portion controllers there. The bread would turn out the same size but the bread rolls differed in size.
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Cooked under a backing dish with left over pizza dough ( alcohol could have been a factor)
Regards dave

Faith In Virginia 09-10-2013 01:29 PM

Re: My new life of 36
No that is not a deck oven with a belt. That is an Acme 88 Sheeter /molder I use is just for croissants at the moment but it is capable of so much more.

This is a video of the machine, Mine is all stainless steel like the one in the video just a bit smaller by width and length.
Acme 88-6 Commercial Bakery Dough Sheeter Roller Molder on eBay! - YouTube

In that picture you can also see my dough retarder.

All my baking is done in the WFO, unless I have some test loaves, I do them in the house oven to see if I like them.

I am thinking of a bakery, but for the moment I'm stuck a job that pays the bills. I am working on an easy transition to the bakery/deli/restaurant. One day...hopefully soon.

Faith In Virginia 09-10-2013 01:32 PM

Re: My new life of 36
Dave...LOL... I'll take the big one. :-)

cobblerdave 09-10-2013 02:26 PM

Re: My new life of 36
Gudday Faith
Sorry not great on doing the link thing on this phone. But google Red Beard Bakery and you should find a site in Threntham Victoria Australia.
They have brought back to life a 100 yr old side draught oven and of course do the sourdough bread thing and sell to a lot of the "farmers Markets " which are popular here.
They also have tours,do sour dough classes, have functions, and even had a WF pizza oven . Might be a source of a few ideas if not just dome inspiration
Regards dave

Faith In Virginia 09-10-2013 02:43 PM

Re: My new life of 36
That is a great oven!!! The one picture has two guys in the oven...I wonder how many you could cook at one time? :-)

16 square meters of floor space and a white oven at that... awesome!!!

Thanks for the lead...quit impressive and yes, more food for thought.

Faith In Virginia 10-30-2013 07:50 AM

Re: My new life of 36
My new life of 36 is over. So short lived...

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