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cholme 07-23-2011 04:17 PM

Modified Chop Saw
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Ok, let me preface this by saying a couple things. 1) Hopefully OSHA does not read through these forums 2) This was probably very dangerous so use this idea at your own risk!

I was struggling with what to do for a saw. I wanted to taper my bricks so a wet saw was necessary, but I didn't want to spend $400 to buy one, and renting at $60.00 per day would have cost me more than buying one. So I decided to give something a shot. I had a woodworking chop saw and decided to adapt it for use with a water pump. I looked at the saw and the motor is separated by a few inches from the blade. I cut a cement trough so the base of my saw would fit (I did have to set it up on a few bricks), got a $10 fountain pump and was in business. I sprayed all the metal parts and moving parts of my saw with WD40.

I used a Husky Diamond Blade as you can see pictured.

I am a furniture maker, so I am used to compound cuts on a miter saw; I have to say, if I were to do this again, I think I would use the same method. Compound cuts were very easy to set up, no complicated jigs or sleds.

I was able to use 1 saw blade for my whole build. Just make sure you have enough water on the cutting area, and GO SLOWLY.

My total cost was $35.00 for the blade, $10.00 for the pump and $7.00 for the trough.

If you use this, USE A GFCI circuit. I didn't have any problems, but I had piece of mind knowing that it was there.

metalmaster 07-23-2011 10:00 PM

Re: Modified Chop Saw
we did it and are still alive to talk about it(and enjoy wonderful pizza):D

RTflorida 07-23-2011 10:35 PM

Re: Modified Chop Saw
Resourceful, but I'm playing the devil's advocate. While I appreciate the fact that you were able to do compounds with one cut, I cannot understand why someone would abuse a $500 Bosch sliding compound miter saw like that. I'm a huge Bosch fan/user and avid woodworker myself, and was taught very early to take care of my fine tools and they will take care of you. I leave craziness like this for the inexpensive Chinese crap tools...speaking of which, you could have purchased the Harbor Freight wet saw for around $200 (with coupon and continuous sale) which is intended (so we think) for water use and spared the Bosch.

Glad it worked out for you, no harm-no foul, but still scratching my head over this one. Sure hope that Bosch doesn't seize up the next time you try to cut crown or build a cabinet face frame.


cholme 07-23-2011 10:54 PM

Re: Modified Chop Saw

I understand your concern. The fact is, I am a fine furniture maker and have an entire woodworking shop with a newer Festool chop saw. This Bosch is one I have at my house that I don't use that often. It was more important to me to save the money and take the gamble... Luckily it paid off. My saw seems to be in fine working condition. For what it is worth, I cleaned it pretty well after each use and didn't let the water and mud sit on the machine.

Like I said, I wouldn't recommend it for everyone, but it worked for me. :)

RTflorida 07-23-2011 11:35 PM

Re: Modified Chop Saw
I knew there was a catch.......the newer Festool. Lucky bastard. I will be stuck with my shop full of Bosch for awhile. The Germans know their s$^t when it comes to powertools.


gmchm 07-23-2011 11:59 PM

Re: Modified Chop Saw
Hi -I started to use a similar setup today to cut firebricks. With careful use I can't see any problems. gmchm

brickie in oz 07-24-2011 12:08 AM

Re: Modified Chop Saw
Bosch is the lower end of the market, well it is here, used to be the bees knees but now its all just rubbish.
Id rather pay the extra few bucks to get the quality but it seems all companies are after is a few extra bucks rather than customer loyalty.

I also do some hobby woodworking and usually go for Makita stuff if its available.

dmun 07-24-2011 08:29 AM

Re: Modified Chop Saw
I'm glad to hear that you rigged it up for wet cutting, but for anyone reading the thread, when you dry cut, PROTECT YOUR LUNGS.

cholme 07-24-2011 08:41 AM

Re: Modified Chop Saw

AGREED!!! If you dry cut with anything, weather it is an angle grinder or chopsaw there is an unbelievable amount of dust. I would recommend wet cutting regardless of what saw you use, it virtually eliminates the dust; but you still need eye protection for sure.

gmchm 07-24-2011 09:04 AM

Re: Modified Chop Saw
I just posted a photo of my low-tech wet saw in the floor and dome gallery. I can report that there is no apparent dust. I may add a small pond pump later. gmchm

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