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Default Re: harbor freight saw blade

Hello to all

In the wake of STRATOS, “Blades” in the English speaking world, the highest selling and most highly rated fins in the world, Blades HF has been launched.
Developed around the LAYERING technology that combines rubber and a plastic support, these fins are covered by the most recent patents and studies carried out on TECHNISUB fins - spring effect, flow channelling, foot piece with rigid material rib, rotating adjustable buckles that can be unlocked quickly, and pre-deformed elements.
The performance provided makes these fins a real winner. They will repeat and exceed the success enjoyed with the Stratos range. The fins are totally edged in rubber for better protection against impact.

Thanks for sharing
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Default Re: harbor freight saw blade

Well, I don't know what STRATOS is, or fins, but I already have to replace the SECOND blade on my HF wet saw. I think it happens when my son uses it - he goes too fast. Could that be why?
My second blade I got a lowes - whatever their brand is - I paid about 50 bucks.

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Default Re: harbor freight saw blade

Too fast will trash a blade in no time. I know I'm sounding like a broken record on this topic, but REALLY - it is all about keeping water flowing directly over the blade, listening to the saw, and the 'feel' of the bricks as they go through the blade. You can easily tell if you are going too fast.
There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be using several blades to build an oven (even the cheap blades) other than user error. There I said it, now everyone please, proceed with pelting me with your brick cutoffs for being overly critical and judgemental (I am always guilty of both).

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Default Re: harbor freight saw blade

Problem is, not having cut so much as a single brick yet, I don't know what the signs are. I don't know what a good cut feels like. One could argue that it shouldn't be "too forced", that the blade should "eat the brick on its own without pushing", or any number of heuristic touchy-feely concepts like that, but the bottom line is, one simply doesn't know what feels right until after doing it wrong, seeing the result, AND intuiting the cause so that future usage can be modified. I can imagine someone having lots of trouble and twiddling their water nozzles incessantly when the underlying cause -- in their case -- is actually pushing the bricks too hard and they never figure it out because they're focused on the nozzles.

On some level, this information probably can't be conveyed by text and must be discovered, but I for one, have no confidence that I will be able to tell what is right or wrong when I start working, short of blatant smoke 'n flames.

I just hope it "makes sense".

In my case, I'll just have to see how it goes.

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Default Re: harbor freight saw blade

One of the issues I had with the HF saw was that the water delivery at the blade was extremely poor. Adjusting and re-aiming the nozzle several times still didn't really solve the problem, but part of the issue was the crappy pump, too.
Anyway, I agree. Anything with a diamond blade or bit like that will wear out in short order without constant, generous delivery of fresh water to its' surface.
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