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Default Re: Diamond Blade Question

Agree with Niel2. Cut slowly and monitor the blade temp. If it gets to hot (100 degrees) stop cutting and allow the blade to continue to spin to cool down. If you start to loose the edge after cutting some tuff stuff try cutting thru a sandstone block. It helps to redress the blade.
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Default Re: Diamond Blade Question

Hello to all

A diamond blade may be a circular saw blade used for cutting hard or abrasive materials. They are commonly used in the construction industry for building, remodeling and repairs. Other diamond blades are made for band saws to be used where shape cutting is desired.

Diamond blades are often used for cutting concrete, brick, block, stone and other materials with similar properties, they cannot however cut through pure diamond. A diamond blade may be composed of a steel core (unlike diamond wire) and powder metal which is combined with diamond crystals and then heated and pressed into a molding which form the diamond segments, also known as the "cutting teeth" of the blade. The diamond segments are then welded to the steel core. Alternate methods of manufacturing diamond blades include electroplating diamond crystal directly to a metal core, often a steel core, but occasionally other metals as well. And to a lesser extent, brazing is used to create single layer diamond blades. The method of adhering the diamond crystal will depend on the application intended.

Have a nice day
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Default Re: Diamond Blade Question

Personally, i would use a dragon type probably salamence that can evade ground type moves and can use thunder fang (has 10% chance of paralyzing and another 10% to make target flinch)
As LOZ said Electivire looks good. Great move pool, great stats and decent defense. If you don't like that try Dragonite, it can learn thunderbolt and ice beam. One of those would do well.
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Default Re: Diamond Blade Question


Is that a WOW or other general role-playing reference?

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Default Re: Diamond Blade Question

Indeed. I think it may have been posting under the influence.
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Default Re: Diamond Blade Question

Dragonite with an ice beam is way cool, dude; but I've found a weakness in the Electrivire defense.........

What the %$#&? I guess I missed the sticky thread that mentions how this forum doubles as an after hours gaming blog.

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Default Re: Diamond Blade Question

In a early permutation of my life I was what is commonly called a "Rock Hound" and traipsed about collecting rocks. Often we would cut and polish the rocks we collected. This was in the '60s. At that time diamond saws were quite expensive and the blades insanely so (often running $10 per inch of diameter). Blades were cooled by kerosene and ran in enclosed cabinets. Hard tough stones like jade would have a tendancy to drag the diamond bonding material over the diamonds and the blade would slow in it's cutting ability. We referred to these blades as being dull. The answer to sharpen the blade was simply to cut a red house brick. For whatever reason this seemed to clear the dragged material from the diamonds and/or exposed new diamonds. This "sharpening" shortened the life of the blade.

As the prices of diamond blades has dramatically dropped (do in large part to the manufacture of inexpensive diamonds) they are more and more commonplace. Actually I am surprised that in cutting bricks for a WFO that the blades last as long as they do. When cutting stones like we did cuts took time but blades lasted years.

Just my observation, the only bricks I cut for my WFO were for my hearth. They were cut on a cheapie diamond saw, the whole saw with blade cost less than what the blade used to.


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Default Re: Diamond Blade Question

Basically, to "sharpen" a diamond blade, make a couple of cuts in a material opposite to what you are normally cutting. That is, if you are cutting lightweight CMU and the blade seems dull, cut some hard fired brick and vice-versa. What you are doing is removing the matrix and exposing fresh diamond.

Good quality blades will be designed for a specific type of material to be cut, but most cheap ones are general purpose, i.e. decent at cutting anything, but not as long lasting or efficient as a blade made for a specified material. In the context of building one oven, it doesn't really matter.
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