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Default Re: curing temps

I will slap together a quick door tonight made of sheet metal for the time being while we figure out what we want design wise for the finished product. What did you use as adoormaterial wise?
I appreciate the quick responses. I will let you know how Sunday turns out as long as it doesn't rain.
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Default Re: curing temps

My oven is an early modular model that had a door built in. (Note: I did not order the model with the door but once it was here it really didn't make any sense to exchange it) So...I have refracory door!

Most people get by with wood (usually with metal covering the inside) from what I gather. Some sandwich insulation between metal. Doors are mostly used without a fire (or much of a fire) in the oven so....high heat is not a big problem.

Good Luck!
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Default Re: curing temps

Didn't think of that. Strictly too maintain the heat that is in the oven. I could see keeping a few coals in there on the side at an inside air temp of about 350 with a themometer from a gas grill in the door to monitor that temp for cooking breads. This way if the temp starts to go down you still (hopefully) have a few hot coals in there to beable to rekindle a small fire to regulate your temp. Good ole hurricane Dan is going to give us a little rain but hopefully just a little so we can shingle the roof and flash the chimney to get it water tight. Will let you onow how the first pizza is.
Thanks a lot,
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