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fishn4daze 04-19-2011 02:37 PM

Crack in oven floor Casa 2g90
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Cleaned out my ashes today only to find a crack in the floor. Bummed out on this. Less than a year old. Cured twice. Once when brand new and then again before the spring this year. Have probably cooked in it a total of 20 times. :mad::mad::mad:

david s 04-20-2011 12:05 AM

Re: Crack in oven floor Casa 2g90
Any large pieces of refractory are more prone to cracks, this is why many kilns are made with small unmortared bricks.My first WFO had a floor made of large very high duty firebricks. the brick closest to the entry developed a crack right through the middle. It would not have got as hot as the floor bricks deeper in the oven but the heat differential was probably what created the crack.The face of the brick pointing out to ambient air would be way cooler than the inner face in the oven. Looking at your photo it appears that your brick is also close to the entry. The crack will not affect the performance of your oven and the brick is not going anywhere. If it were me I'd just keep using it, but if it worries you contact your manufacturer.

brickie in oz 04-20-2011 12:26 AM

Re: Crack in oven floor Casa 2g90
Like David said, things tend to crack with the heat/cool cycle, get used to it.

LaPatrona 04-20-2011 10:12 AM

Re: Crack in oven floor Casa 2g90
The crack tends to fill with ash so you will not even notice it. A friends of mine who owns a huge restaurant in LA has the 180. He had asked a new kitchen hand to 'clean out the oven" which is never below 400'. The kid opened the oven pulled out all the ash and coals, swept and then threw in a couple huge bucket of cold water
WHAAAAAAT! Is all I could say. I guess he thought he needed to mop it??? Well sadly the water was just enough shock to the floor so that it cracked all over. It still functioned perfectly to this day pumping out pizzas and entrees flawlessly.

james 04-20-2011 01:13 PM

Re: Crack in oven floor Casa 2g90
Hey fishn4daze,

James here. This is not right -- something seems to have gone wrong with that tile. I don't know if anything happened to it, but it should not show that wear or the crack.

Sorry for the inconvenience. You should contact us at info at, or call 800 405-5119 and reach customer service. We will replace that for you at no charge.


Cheesesteak 04-20-2011 01:38 PM

Re: Crack in oven floor Casa 2g90
Yeah - I'd be more worried about the physical condition of that floor tile. It looks like some of the refractory material is coming off. The crack may be a symptom of something else going on - like a break down of the materials.

fishn4daze 04-23-2011 01:17 PM

Re: Crack in oven floor Casa 2g90
Thank you for all your comments. Going to be a chore to remove that broken piece. Hope it fits through the opening.
@ James I will contact customer service next week. Busy tomorrow with a family easter pizza party and next Saturday 20-30 people over for a retirement party, pizza of course.

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