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maxperry1 02-26-2011 12:39 PM

Ceramic Fibre Board - does it have to be dry?
Hi Everybody!

Like most of you builders and posters, I have been watching the forum for quite a while and, indeed, am quite a way with the progression of my oven.I have decided to take the plunge and join this fantastic resource and take adavantage of the wealth of knowledge and expertise out there. I'd also like to share my experiences and contribute as well and am just working out how to link up my oven blog site to this forum so I can share my experiences so far.

I live in Cumbria in the UK. It is very wet here. I have just managed to buy a whole load of new kit including some ceramic fibreboard...FB UK were out of stock so I managed to source somnething similar here in the UK. I have also bought a brick cutter and a load of sparkling new firebricks to lay my floor with.

I have read that one should not only lay the floor onto the board but the dome as well, and I understand the reasons for that. My worry is that with time being not in very plentiful supply for me, if I lay the brick floor and leave the edges of the board exposed to the elements, inevitably, it will soak up some of the rain even if protected. The question I want to ask is ..."does that really matter?". Will any water that gets soaked in evaporate when it gets lit? Should I worry too much about this issue and just get on with it? This is what is suspect the answer will be!

I'd be very grateful to hear from any of you who have any thoughts on this issue.

Many thanks,


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