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Default Re: Worst Pizza

You did the right thing in expressing you displeasure.

One note of corection, it does take at least 30 minutes, sometines longer to properly cook a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. These are not the 2 to 3 minute neoploitan pizza's we cook.
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Default Re: Worst Pizza

Richard, you are correct. A true Chicago does take approx. 30 minutes, and as I mentioned in the beginning, there is an authentic Chicago restaurant in San Mateo, CA where we are from. I hope some of you try them if you are in that area. Again, it is called Windy City Pizza. The owners and staff are incredible, as is all their food.
Thank you.
An excellent pizza is shared with the ones you love!

Acoma's Tuscan:

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Default Re: Worst Pizza

My apologies for the incinuation of seeking free food, but dude, read your original post - None of us were there to know exactly how things went down, it reads as if you were unhappy and proceeded to tell them YOU know pizza, YOU know Chicago pizza, and THIS is how to do it right. I'm guessing that was not your intention, but that is how it appears in my twisted mind.
Any good business owner appreciates constructive criticism, I would have voiced my displeasure with a manager or the owner, not a wet behind the ears prissy hostess (who we know doesn't give a rat's butt about anything other than "when will I get paid" and "when is quitting time" or even the guy making the pizza - I'm certain he has no customer relation skills.
. If the manager or owner were not receptive of my criticism.....my business walks, no muss, no fuss, no "scene", and no high blood pressure.

Personally - Until a couple of years ago (I'm now 45), I would "blow up" over the smallest details ; I have an actual hatred for incompetance and ignorance . When my doctor wanted to put me on blood pressure meds, I decided to change my tone - seems to have worked a bit, I only have 1 or 2 meltdowns a year now (my most recent was with Lynx Grills - another thread), poor fools don't know whats happened when I "go off" .

Soooo, I understand where you are coming from and agree that silence solves nothing; just seemed to me your displeasure was misdirected and came across a bit arrogant, like I said, my interpretation (I tend to read between the lines and disect things too much). One thing is certain, no one on this forum will be visiting that "dive" anytime soon.

Have a good day........and CALM DOWN
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Default Re: Worst Pizza

My prescription for you is to go out as fast as you can and have a wonderful pizza to get that experience out of your mind. You sound traumatized!
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Default Re: Worst Pizza

Hey Rob,
We all know George is a tongue-in-cheek stirrer don't we ?
Mate, I'll try to remember how to post an image of our baby. If it doesn't stick, feel free to have a laugh at my incompetence : if it does stick then you can smile in the knowledge that you've aided a luddite.
Either way you come out ahead, eh.

By crikey, I think it worked! WOOHOO!! Thanks fellers.
Oven is functionally complete. Cosmetics to follow. (Note temp probe to R of chimney. What a deadly little gadget; how did I ever survive without an IR thermo??
Cheers eh,
Luddite Jeff.
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Default Re: Worst Pizza

I suggest we just move on.....

new thread time ... me thinks

My thread:

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My costs:

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My pics:

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Default Re: Worst Pizza

Almost time Dave,
Just a final note to Jeff. Great build on your oven! How long till we get the first roasted 'roo out of that beauty? Cheers mate!
Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.

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