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james 01-15-2007 02:58 AM

Pizzeria de Matteo -- Naples
Pizza Report # 3 from Adam

de Matteo
Via Tribunale, 93/94

This is certainly one of my favorites in town, and I
don't think I'm the only one! This is the place where,
in the 1994 G7 meetings, Bill Clinton came when he
wanted to try pizza Napolitano style. The front
entrance is very narrow and completley unasuming- it
is far from a 'fancy' place, but no one seems to mind.
At the entrance way they have a counter that faces out
to the street and they sell small pizzettas to go, as
well as pizzas in boxes, and some fried treats such
as: panzarotti- (small potato/cheese fingers),
eggplant, and zeppole.

Margarita or Marinara - 3 euro
(it seems to be the going price on the street)
one oven, 2 levels for dining (again)

I ordered the Marinara. My best one so far. I also got
to sample a Margarita with smoked Provalone instead of
Mozzerella, custom ordered (not by me!) by my friend
Maurizio. Both were excellent and just the way I would
want a pizza to be. Of course, Ernesto Cacialli is no
longer the pizzaiolo at DeMatteo as he has opened his
own shop (P.R #2) but they don't seem to miss him
This will be my last reort from via Tribunale, but not
my last visit. Domane, I hope to get to daMichele for
P.R.#4... until then, keep a hot fire and a clean oven

highly recommended.

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