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jjerrier 07-13-2006 10:15 PM

Campania Pizza - Dallas and Southlake
OK this is kind of a shameless plug.

I've had a wood oven for about 2 years now at home, but my wife and I just invested in a pizza restaurant in the Dallas area. The first restaurant just has deck ovens - but uses caputo flour and almost all italian ingredients. The guys that actually make the pizza (Gino and Luciano) are both from Naples, Italy.

We are starting construction on the second restaurant that is going to have 2 wood ovens. It is going to be located in this very cool upscale shopping area called Southlake Town Square and we will even have a rooftop patio with olive trees!

I have put up a temporary website at and we have a link to our sad MySpace page. We are working with a graphic designer for the real site - but "coming soon" signs are up and we wanted to start building awareness for our second site. Please stop by and check it out...and if you are coming to Dallas in November, let me know and I'll reserve you a VIP table!!


mgraban 11-11-2006 07:57 PM

We've seen the location there in Southlake and can't wait for the opening!

TheFireWithin 11-12-2006 09:18 PM

Great site.
Good luck Jay! The hard work always pays off.
That's a beautiful looking pizza. I'm hungry.... :)
The Fire Within
Do you put any berries ontop of your desert pizza?

CanuckJim 11-13-2006 02:49 AM


Keep the shameless plugs coming. Congrats. Wish I lived closer to Dallas.


jjerrier 11-14-2006 11:39 AM

Campania Pizza
Hey all...we are finally getting started with the actual digging! We are shooting for a late January opening. We will probably do a few soft openings prior to opening "for real" to work out the kinks. If anyone is in the DFW area and would be interested in being a guinea pig for any of our pre-opening events, send an email to so I can make sure you are on the list for such things.

We are definitely planning on doing a mobile oven with The Fire Within as well...I can't wait to get this thing going.

I am also working on getting a video of the rotating wood oven. As soon as I get it I will post it on YouTube or my woodoven site, whichever is easier.

I worked last week in our existing restaurant making dough and pizzas. I experimented with a couple of different dessert pizzas. I did the one James recommended with berries, marscapone, etc. I didn't have lemon dough handy though. It was still really good though and some unsuspecting customers gave it a thumbs up. I also did pear, brie and brown sugar - that one was a very big hit.

We don't have wood ovens at our first site - so it is kind of funny cooking pizza in the brick deck ovens. You just kind of throw the pizzas in and forget them. Where's the challenge in that!!???

stuart 01-28-2007 07:46 PM

Re: Campania Pizza - Dallas and Southlake
Congratulations Jay! My wife and I frequent STS almost weekly and will certainly stop in. I've sent email to Campania to get on the guinea pig list!:D

CanuckJim 01-29-2007 06:54 AM

Re: Campania Pizza - Dallas and Southlake

Well done. You have survived death by duck bites. Wish I was closer; I'd love to be a guinea pig at the new place. I should say good luck, but you won't need it. Still working on the enterprises you helped me with.

Cheers and congrats,


jjerrier 04-18-2007 09:39 AM

Re: Campania Pizza - Dallas and Southlake
Hi All - we have the new version of our Campania Pizza website live at . I just do not know how anyone can live without the greatness of a Mac and iLife.

We are working on setting up online ordering for our local restaurants so people can order via pc. Pretty slick in that orders go directly to a kitchen printer for pickup or delivery. It will really help us with lunch business and offices. It is with a Dallas company called Resercom and I'm not sure they do anything outside this area. I also read about another service called FEED that lets people pay via cell phone that is in the Boulder area now which sounds cool...Joseph from Fire Within, have you seen it??

We will also be able, once live, to ship any of our imported Italian foods - we have great fresh pasta, olive oil, balsamic, jams, jellies, etc. We also have prosciutto, mortadella, red cow parmesan, pecorino romano, etc. but I have no idea if we could ship that stuff. It all comes directly from the producers in Italy. We won't be selling caputo or san marzanos or anything like that.

Anyway, check out the site and let me know what you think...


jjerrier 07-20-2007 09:13 AM

Campania Pizza - Dallas and Southlake
Good News...

In the latest issue of D Magazine...their "Best Of" issue...

Campania was named Best Neapolitan Pie!!! You can see the link at D Magazine

And this is for our restaurant with deck ovens...wait til we get the wood ovens fired up!

If anyone is heading to Dallas...drop me a line.


DrakeRemoray 07-20-2007 09:29 AM

Re: Campania Pizza - Dallas and Southlake
Congratulations! When does the new store open...not that I am in Dallas, but you never know...

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