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Default Re: Al-Amir in Irmo, SC

Originally Posted by Maelstrom View Post
It is unfortunate that I actually had to sign up to reply to this message.

Al-Amir is actually a Mediterranean / Middle eastern restaurant. And a fantastic one at that. That said, It is only due to the ignorance and finicky eating habits of patrons in this area that force them to make pizza and other "normal" foods to this area.

They do use a brick oven, and their Damascus bread(cooked in said oven) is to DIE for.

You wouldn't rate a Chinese food restaurant on the quality of macaroni and cheese they make. so don't judge a great eatery like Al-Amir by the standards of a food that they only have to make because people are too closed minded to try and enjoy their primary menu.

Go back and try their Falafel and their Damascus hummus. you wont be disappointed.
Maelstrom...........flaming is a nasty business but I detect a more emotional attachment. Eating habits are a very personal thing and should not be described as either finicky nor ignorant. I for one certainly would judge a restaurants' quality by the food served regardless if it was in the ethnic boundaries of the core business or not. It makes sense to serve everything to the same high standard.

You must have an interest in WFO cooking or you would not be browsing the forum. The information on site can only serve to improve the pizza this restaurant produces and I, as well as many others, would enjoy reading about the food (and how to prepare it) that this establishment excels in. Pass all the above messages to the Al-Amir and I look forward to hearing from them.

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Default Re: Al-Amir in Irmo, SC

The only wood fired pizza worth talking about in the Columbia area is Pietanza off Polo Rd in the north east. Not perfect but real pizza.
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