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Default Re: WFO banquet for four

Great post Jeff. I used the internet translator for tucker - nothing about goats and cookin, unless you're tired out.
Keep teachin' mate! Give Jess a bone for me.
Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.

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Default Re: WFO banquet for four

Originally Posted by jeff View Post

Inish, that surprises me. I thought Turkey would have hosted big mobs of delicious goat.

teach.............I kid (no pun intended) you not! There are lots and lots and lots of goats about and no goat on the menu anywhere.

Those of a nervous disposition stop reading now............

Every year there is a muslim festival called Kurban Bayram (Festival of Sacrifice) Eid-el Ahda in Arabic. There is an obligation on families that can afford it to kill an animal on the first day. One third of the meat is eaten with relatives/friends, one third is given to the poor and the remaining third kept to be eaten later. I live in a village with only the 2 foreign households and every year there are hundreds of goats for sale at the local market. There is a real possibility of being run over by a goat as the prefered method of delivery to car/trailer is to pick them up by the back legs and run them around like a wheelbarrow. Apparently they do not wish to cooperate in their demise. But I digress. The point of this story is that although there are lots of goats there is never (in this area anyway) goat meat in butchers nor goat meat on the menu in restaurants. It can be bought privately and that is how I get mine. I have been to a restaurant about thirty miles away, up in the mountains, where all they serve is goat but at the time the 'better half' was not wont to linger as there was a paddock full of goats, a shed and a kitchen all in close proximity.

Clearly more research needed..............they must make more use of these animals than the delicious goats cheeses in the markets.

As an aside, the best goat I ever ate was in Jamaica.

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Default Re: WFO banquet for four

Interesting how same is different.
Javanese Muslims run goats toward the end of Ramadan, but without the Wheel-barrow method.So same basic rituals, yes?
Goat and chook were the staples in our village.
Beef was available, but Oh Lord! Forget it. (Slaughtered 2hr before sunrise, and still twitching).
Mate, the Ladies at the local "meatery" would kack themselves whenever this londo turned up. But all good for a giggle, eh.
Goat cheese? Did not exist.
Weird, isn't it, how resources are used.
Indonesians use mass-balances and buffalo power, while their equivalents in Viet Nam use spring balances and diesel power.
One life is not enough Inish.
Gently eh.
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