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bbell 04-20-2009 08:42 PM

Saturday feast
Have just started having fun with other foods besides pizza. Below is a link to some of the dishes we threw in the oven this last weekend.

Dino_Pizza 05-01-2009 08:40 AM

Re: Saturday feast
Wow Bill, Your food feast looks fantastic! Your Picassa food album is the best I've seen. I keep hearing "how much Pizza can you eat" from people and I have to keep educating my friends on what the oven will do. Your examples are terrific (not to mention delicious looking). Thanks for sharing great ideas.-Dino

bbell 05-01-2009 01:05 PM

Re: Saturday feast
Thanks Dino. Unfortunately, now that the oven is operational I've neglected to finish building it! Should get some done this weekend.

Here's a great video to show the possibilities:
"Fireworks" 17:57 87.7MB 600x338
Wood Stone Training and Cooking Videos

Your oven looks great. Well done!

blacknoir 06-05-2009 09:13 PM

Re: Saturday feast
Bill, I am totally using your cooking pictures to push my wife over the edge towards getting her enthusiastic about making a WFO.. :)

DrakeRemoray 06-05-2009 11:25 PM

Re: Saturday feast
Those are great picutres Bill!

How hot do you think the oven is when you are doing the fish and veggies?

How many people are you feeding?

I have mostly been doing pizza lately. Maybe I will try that chicken under bricks this weekend!


Chef 06-06-2009 05:18 AM

Re: Saturday feast

Its so nice to see someone using the oven for something other than pizza. We cook EVERYTHING in ours. We now have quite collection of cast iron that we use in the oven, we find the cast iron works best...but it is SOOO heavy.

Keep posting the photos...we love to "borrow" cooking ideas!


bbell 06-26-2009 09:05 AM

Re: Saturday feast
Drake, sorry for the belated reply!

The fish went in when the oven was probably around 500. I also just move stuff closer to the door if lower temps are needed. The veggies can be hotter so there's a bit of browning. I preheat the skillet till the oil is smoking before I toss them in.

Luckily I find the oven very forgiving in temp and time.

SteveP 06-27-2009 03:59 PM

Re: Saturday feast
Wow, that's quite the menu album. I have cooked chickens, ribs, stuffed peppers, and some veggies but nothing like what you have done. Makes me hungry looking at your pics. I guess I need to go light a fire and get to cooking.

Michael Craig 07-05-2009 07:09 PM

Re: Saturday feast
Just now looking at your food pics. WOW! very inspiring! Where do you get your cookware? Is that enameled cast iron with stainless steel handles? Maybe some stoneware? I would appreciate any info.

bbell 07-05-2009 08:15 PM

Re: Saturday feast
Thanks Michael,

The cookware was nothing we didn't already have. There is some Le Creuset and basic cast iron skillets. I did have a terra cotta cookware for the chicken. I also found good cookware at Goodwill. Let me know any questions you maight have.

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