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asimenia 09-13-2011 01:28 AM

Pork in lager
Times are hard in Greece (can't afford electric)- decided to make gemista (stuffed tomatoes - Greek style) went to switch the oven on ..... then remembered the wood oven outside!
Lit oven - prepared the tomatoes (I've done them before - there's a photo on one of my posts) phoned hubby to tell him the oven's lit - he bought a kilo of pork on the bone. In a casserole ceramic bowl I bought in Bulgaria - I threw in

Pork (2 large pieces)
can of lager (amstel)
cup of boiling water with half a chicken stock cube (dissolved)
onion chopped
garlic chopped
tbsp honey
left till time to cook

after the gemista had finished I cooked three frozen tyropitas (cheese pies - puff pastry)
then I made saganaki (baked feta with spices and tomato)
and finally put the meat in and closed the door for the night till 6am.
Took it out at 6am - FANTASTIC!

brickie in oz 09-18-2011 11:02 PM

Re: Pork in lager
No, no, no.....wheres the pics....:rolleyes: :D

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