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FornoBravoNews 06-23-2011 02:02 PM

New Forno Bravo Community Cookbook
We are excited to let you know about a new project we’ve been hard at work on: an online Forno Bravo Community Cookbook: Forno Bravo Community Cookbook - Home

Our new Community Cookbook is just what it sounds like – a place where the wood-fired oven community can share recipes. From wood-fired oven newbies to experienced, been-there-tried-that chefs, we know this group is brimming with creative, tasty recipes and wood-fired cooking know-how.

You’re invited to create an account and join the Community Cookbook. You’ll be able to:

Share your own wood-fired oven recipes and photos
Build out your cook profile
Vote in our recipe contests
Comment on other members’ recipes

We’ve set up recipe categories for pizzas, breads, appetizers, meat and poultry, fish, vegetables, rice and pastas, and desserts. Any and all recipes are welcome: the simple and the complex, the classics and the inventive.

Forno Bravo will offer prizes for the most popular and best-reviewed recipes. (See this month’s contest: Forno Bravo Community Cookbook -)

When enough recipes are added to the cookbook, we will compile them in a free eBook, available for download from the Forno Bravo Store. You’ll be able to tell your friends and family that you’ve been published!

We hope you enjoy this new service from Forno Bravo. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions for making this resource as helpful as possible. Enjoy!

brickie in oz 06-23-2011 04:57 PM

Re: New Forno Bravo Community Cookbook
I tried to log into the cookbook page with my user name and password, and it refused entry? :confused:

FornoBravoNews 06-24-2011 12:38 PM

Re: New Forno Bravo Community Cookbook
Sorry, @brickie in oz ... It' s a different platform than the Forum, so you have to create a new account. You've posted some great stuff here in the Forum –*we hope you'll add some of your favorites over on the Community Cookbook.

james 06-24-2011 05:33 PM

Re: New Forno Bravo Community Cookbook
Hi guys,

James here. We had to use a different software platform for the Community Cookbook, so you need to create a new account (sorry about that).

I am really excited about the idea of a crowd sourced recipe site and eCookbook series. I am also really hopeful that this will give all of us a really good way of working with wood-fired recipes -- creating, cataloging, finding, sharing, distributing, commenting.

We are planning on sending out lots of prizes and hope to have some really fun contests.


brickie in oz 06-25-2011 11:34 PM

Re: New Forno Bravo Community Cookbook
Its too hard to use especially for a newbie, I re-registered with my user name, submitted a post with pics yet the pics didnt load in the recipe.
Then I had to try to navigate to where I was previously. :confused:
You would be better off doing this on the FB forum proper, at least the members on the forum understand how it all works.

Enable blogs with categories on the forum software, it will achieve the same result with less pain. :)

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