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brokencookie 06-28-2008 05:19 PM

Camping and pizza
I just got back from camping. Now I have to spend 4 hours catching up on the forum :D

I started a new tradition with my kids on this camping trip. Our current tradition is hand whipped cream, blueberry pancakes ( with chocolate chips) and blackberry jam on the first morning.
I decided that I could not go without my weekly pizza fix so the first night out I pulled out some premade dough balls ( standard FB recipe) and baked pizza on the BBQ. I used foil sprayed with canola oil for a pan and put it directly on the grill. I did have a little trouble getting the tops cooked correctly but the overall effect was still a great eating experience. My kids have decided that forever more I must make pizza the first night of camping.
I held some extra dough in the cooler for 3 days and then made a fabulous flat bread with it to go with the BBQ chicken. Same process. Canola oil, foil and onto the grill with hot coals.


nissanneill 06-28-2008 05:51 PM

Re: Camping and pizza
Hi Bruce, camping certainly sets up chalenges in cooking, especially when you are way out back, sometimes hundreds of kilometers away from the nearest town as it is here on central Australia.
On my 4 wheel drive adventures, we often first prepare a good campfire to generate considerable soals for cooking anything from roasts to bread (or a swe call it over here bush daper. basically flour and water (with a few additive if you prefer). We have even had silver service, formally dressed with all the trimmings and 3 or 4 courses, tables, cloths, candelabras, the works.
But cooking is usually made in camp ovens (which are traditionslly heavy cast iron lidded bowls) but are now being replaced with Bedourie's.

(Camping and outdoor cookware, fish smoker, cookers and frypans - Southern Metal Spinners)

These are fantsatic to cook anything in, even pizzas if you so desire. Simply place a good sized bed of coals on the ground besides the campfire, place your bedouri on it, oil the base or butter/cooking fat the base (non stick) and place you dough or ingredients in them. You can put the lid on and place more hot coals on the lid. They the behave exactly like an oven and you can cook anything that you can in a domestic or wood fired oven, only smaller.
Just watch out that the bottom doesn't get too hot and burn dough ingredients. If you want to cook more slowly, then reduce the amount of hot coals beneath the Bedourie.


brokencookie 06-28-2008 06:26 PM

Re: Camping and pizza
those are great!!. I can see I will have to tell my children if they want me to cook while camping, they will have to buy me one :D

nissanneill 06-28-2008 06:52 PM

Re: Camping and pizza
I have the large one which basically is 2 metal spun frying pans which stack inside one another (space and weight saving) and are so versatile. They are made just down the road from me and very good value, Mine are 10 years old and I have never used the old traditional camp oven since. Thoroughly recommended product. The company has also seen and developed associated products for the camper.


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