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Default Re: Big Weekend Bake

We did not use SP5s at SFBI but I saw one. We used bigger mixers that did up to about 50 pounds of dough at a time. We also hand mixed!

One lady in the class had the DLX and said it was the same size bowl as the SP5. The DLX has a rather different action than the SP5 - with a bowl wiper. I have never used the DLX but the videos and the pictures lead me to feel they are messy to clean up. The DLX has multiple speeds.

The SP5 does NOT work the way the bigger spirals do as it has only a spiral screw. This is not necessarily bad or good but is different. In some respects it feels and looks more like a fork mixer in action than the big spirals. The big spirals could reverse and had two speeds. The SP5 has ONE speed and only goes forward. The big spirals have a central, verticle bar that effectively "cuts" the dough in a way that clearly facilitates mixing (when watching it in person day after day for a week). Without the bar it looked like the dough would ball up too much. According to my instructor Mac - who has quite a bit of experience with the SP5 - the lack of a bar is no big deal. At SFBI they count screw turns to "measure" dough development (i.e. make it predictable). We typically mixed for five minutes at speed one followed by an autlyse and two to four minutes at speed two on the bit spirals. On the SP5 one would typically need about four minutes for the initial mix and about 6 on the second mix to get the same number of rotations.

I just pulled bread a few minutes ago. I will pop some photos and describe how I made the boules in more detail - particularly on mixing... I have seriously toyed with buying a SP5 but my regular routine is pretty easy!
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