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Default Re: A warning to all about LPG grills and stones

wow... I think I will buy one when I go to replace my fire extinguisher. I often wonder about my fireplace after a fire has gone out and the after glow is full-on. I often feel somewhat of a draft and smell coming out of the fireplace and into my living room. (really cold air "falls" down the chimney in the winter)

My mother recently called the fire department after watching her neighbors (Ethiopian immigrants) haul a pan full of red hot charcoal coals into their home to "make some special tea". "Is okay, is okay", the neighbor said, "We do all the time". Perhaps so, but a house does not double as a mud hut with two foot hole in the roof. The fireman said she saved their lives, as the CO level was "off scale". They immediately exited their home and put on masks... went back inside and set up those large ventilation fans to clear the place out.
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Default Re: A warning to all about LPG grills and stones

I got my daughter a CO monitor for her new house since she has gas water and heat. I didn't think we needed one since we only had a propane fired fireplace, but this thread has me picking one up next time I'm at HD. May be the best $20 I ever spent
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