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james 02-24-2009 06:15 PM

Pizza Stone Pizza eBook
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We just finished the Forno Bravo "Pizza Stone Pizza" eBook, and posted it to the FB site. You can download it here:

Pizza Stone Pizza eBook (pdf) :: eBooks & CD ROMs :: Forno Bravo Store

This is our fifth eBook, and we had a lot of fun doing this one. We tried very hard to replicate a wood oven using various pizza stone and oven configurations, and I think we came up with some really good ideas. There are also some new ideas and descriptions in the dough handling section of the eBook.

If you are interested, you can download the eBook (it's free) and let me know what you think. One of the great things about ePublishing is that you can go back and make changes, improvements and bug fixes relatively easily.


BrianShaw 02-24-2009 06:28 PM

Re: Pizza Stone Pizza eBook
Thanks James. Another great book!

sjmeff 02-25-2009 06:33 AM

Re: Pizza Stone Pizza eBook
James - thanks so much for creating this. With just a cursory flip through the book, I have already found several new tips that I look forward to trying.

I also wanted to offer a tip tip that I have had success with in my standard home oven (that I learned from Cook's Illustrated), which is to add the mozzarella half way through the baking time. This seems to preserves the rich flavor of the cheese better than adding it from the beginning. I think the longer baking times in a standard home oven makes the mozzarella spread too thin.


BrianShaw 03-01-2009 08:16 AM

Re: Pizza Stone Pizza eBook
On first review of hte new e-book I found it curious that the VPN appendix had been included. Why, I wondered, since a 900 degree home oven is quite unlikely.

Then it dawned on me that I've never tried following VPN to the letter... so I did (with the exception of the oven heat). One day and 550 degrees later I had a real eye-opening experience. That VPN dough recipe is wonderful: easy, good tasting, and a very nice dough to handle. Even at lower temps and longer cooking times it seems possible to make "the classic".

I hope this success doesn't further stall my plans of building a wood-fired oven. I just had another birthday and time is running out faster than I had planned. :)

pizzacrazy 10-21-2009 03:53 AM

Re: Pizza Stone Pizza eBook
Great james, this is fantastic book. Thanks

Kingfisher 11-03-2009 02:56 PM

Re: Pizza Stone Pizza eBook
I am in Australia do not seem to be able to download the Pizza Stone Pizza ebook - any ideas

james 11-04-2009 08:51 AM

Re: Pizza Stone Pizza eBook
Hi Kingfisher,
It should work for everyone. You receive an email notification with a link to the download location. Why don't check your spam filter for the email confirmation.

If that doesn't work, send us an email (info at fornobravo dot com) and we can email it to you.

Kingfisher 11-04-2009 12:44 PM

Re: Pizza Stone Pizza eBook
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Kingfisher email address
Could you please send me the email with the eBook on Stone Pizza etc.. very excited about my first firing but I have to wait 2 moore weeks and managed to snap my tendon in my right bicep gee it is surprisisg how that slows you down Cheers :)

I may well have deleted the spam mail -

dmun 11-04-2009 03:19 PM

Re: Pizza Stone Pizza eBook
Um, when you get your email, you may want to edit your posting to remove your email address, unless, of course, you like to get letters from the widows of Nigerian dictators...

heliman 11-04-2009 03:39 PM

Re: Pizza Stone Pizza eBook
People wanting to download or buy from the FB shop should remember to create a new account (the current FB forum one does not work for the shop).

I created a shop account with the same login name as my FB forum account - so it's easy to remember.

Great resource - thanks James!!


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