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bturton 11-20-2008 06:05 PM

WFO In South Georgia
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We got started last week and I took some pictures but have just now located the cable to download the photos from the camera to my computer. Hope that's not an indication of my technical skills.
As a test I'm starting with some of the shots of the site prep. We're adding on to the deck and trying to save all the trees.
Lets see how this works! Feel free to let me know if the photos need to be done differently.
We ordered the board and insulating blanket from FB last week. SUPER FAST on getting the order out. BIG THANKS!



Les 11-20-2008 06:30 PM

Re: WFO In South Georgia

You nailed it. They load a little slow(on my system) but great quality. Keep them coming!

Breven 11-21-2008 09:42 AM

Re: WFO In South Georgia
Looks great Bonita! I like the site, anxious to follow your progress. Keep the pics coming and don't forget to post any questions you have- you'll find the answers here for sure!
Have fun...

RTflorida 11-21-2008 04:01 PM

Re: WFO In South Georgia
No issues with the photos on my end...1.5 seconds from my click to the photo appearing.

Nice location, that is exactly how I envision my ideal oven...under and surrounded by a canopy of trees; not really possible here in suburbia.


bturton 11-23-2008 04:28 PM

Re: WFO In South Georgia - Updated through 11/23
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Fortunately the weather has warmed up enough that we were able to get outside. We got the slab and block work done. If everything goes well we'll get the table poured and the dome started this week. Next year I hope to be able to cook the Thanksgiving turkey in the WFO. My family is exicited about it but mostly everyone who asks about the project glazes over when we tell them about the oven. sigh...
As the pictures show, we've got the stand for the oven and then a good deal of counter space and some additional patio area. The rest of the plan...after the oven is operational would be an outdoor fireplace and some built in seating.
As always, any feedback is welcome.


Modthyrth 11-23-2008 05:12 PM

Re: WFO In South Georgia
Wow, nice space! What are you planning in the base? I notice more blocks in the interior than I typically see.

bturton 11-23-2008 07:12 PM

Re: WFO In South Georgia
We made the footprint a little bigger and then went back in and reinforced the interior. Hopefully one day the facade of the oven and the fireplace (that's still on the drawing board) will be similar.

bturton 11-28-2008 02:33 PM

WFO South Georgia - 11/27/08
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Made some progress over the last week. We got the table poured and started trying to lay out the floor. Got the Habor Freight 10" saw last Saturday. Just barely made it under the wire. We walked into the store at 6:55 and they close at 7:00. They must have all had some place to go because they MEANT "closing at 7". Its not like we were browsing... just wanted to get the saw and get out. And as many have already mentioned the instructions are a joke, but the saw itself is very nice.
The family worked on the laying the floor after our Thanksgiving lunch. We've got a long way to go but its been a lot of fun to plan it and then for the family to get on board with it.

Love visiting the forum. Lurk around a lot. Bunches of good information. I've reached the place in my life when I don't feel like I have to make absolutely every mistake. If someone wiser can help me dodge a bullet or two then, great!

staestc 12-02-2008 06:50 AM

Re: WFO In South Georgia
Very nice Bonita, and what a beautiful piece of property!

I too am at the point where I don't want to learn from "MY" mistakes, and prefer to learn from "Others"!


bturton 12-15-2008 08:24 PM

Re: WFO In South Georgia
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The floor got done on Thanksgiving Day. Since then its been kind of hit or miss. We're making some progress. Didn't realize I was such a slob. Planning on covering a lot of this up. The weather has been a little sketchy lately so it hasn't gone as quickly as I had hoped. I agree with the others who have said its addicting. Is it too optimistic to hope for a New Year's pizza? Found a 20 qt Hobart Mixer from a bakery that had closed. The dough hook is in good shape and it seems to run really well. It needs a new bowl but that will be my only cost in it. I think I can pick up one on Ebay.

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