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gbohnstedt 04-22-2010 01:35 PM

Utah Build
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A bit of introduction is in order, I suppose: My name is Greg (Hi, Greg), and I'm,... an eccentric. I seem to progress from unusual hobby to unusual hobby, and I'm still not sure if I'm way ahead of the curve or just a bona fide nut job; actually, I don't really care, I'm having fun!
At first, I decided to barbeque and I now use a 400 lb. ceramic grill, a Kamado. Functional lawn art. Makes great food. Neighbors raise eyebrows.
Then, I decided that I wanted to camp without the hassle of tents; so I'm building a 50's style teardrop trailer. Neighbors looking distinctly nervous.
Now, I've started to build a 42" Pompeii after going to the FB open house and will probably build another one on a trailer. Neighbors now openly patting my wife on the arm and making twirly, twirly motions at their temples.
I have, however, learned when-to-say-when and have promoted myself from head cook and dishwasher on this project, to project manager. Since the beginning of the teardrop project, 5 years ago, we have adopted 2 children, Max 3, and Ben 10 months. Now comes the tricky part, we are adopting 2 more this summer, one in July and one in September. Yup, do the math, that is 3 kids about or less than a year old. AT ONCE! Perhaps the twirly, twirly motions have some basis in reality. Regardless, if I don't build the darn thing now, you know it will be YEARS before it gets built. So, I am getting help. This Sketchup render is a 5 minute quick and dirty estimate of what the cooking island is going to look like. I'll have some actual pics of the work in progress soon.

DrakeRemoray 04-22-2010 02:28 PM

Re: Utah Build
Welcome to the looney bin! At least you are in good company.
I have always wanted to try one of those ceramic bbq's...

ThisOldGarageNJ 04-23-2010 04:18 AM

Re: Utah Build
Hi Gbon...

Love the camper.. very awesome... And I think its great you and your wife are giving up part of your life,,, to raise those children,,, To me that makes you both Hero's and Im happy for those kids as well,,, Thanks for that...

On the other hand,, You are definitely only as nuts as the rest of us.. WELCOME.... you will see that you have become involved in a consuming hobby,, from sourcing/buying/building your oven to sourcing/mixing/cooking in your oven oh yeah,, there will be a lot of reading too,,, here at the forum that is...

gbohnstedt 04-23-2010 11:48 PM

Re: Utah Build
Trust me, you guys think you are nuts, try the gang in the Teardrops and Tiny Travel Trailers forum. We are truly half a bubble out of plumb. Some people there are building their 6th trailer, or more. BTW, Drake (love the name, Joey) you're not too far away, drop in and I will be happy to give you initiate rites into the Arcane and Ancient Art of Ceramic Cooking (known, of course, as Bill the Cat). Mark, thanks, the kids are a blessing however they get here. Besides, if I'm this nutty now, I'd better find somebody who can take care of me when I get older.

I'm stoked! I've sourced Texas limestone for the enclosure and found tile that matches my BBQ. My mason, Eli, starts on the dome on Monday.

gbohnstedt 05-01-2010 05:03 PM

Re: Utah Build
Here are some photo's of the first part of construction. 2 questions that have had me worried have been, how far back from the edge should the vent landing be and how do I flare the vent landing to be wider at the front than the back. I have made my vent landing 15" deep because I want a double depth vent throat (like Dino's which is about 9" deep). I hope that's enough. This took up almost all the FB insulation board and I won't have enough left over for the door. I also love the flared vent landing, so I made mine 22" at the oven opening so I'll have a 1" reveal around the opening and then 36" at the front, big flare. You can see by the ugly Sketchup document how little extra board I had.

Still, thanks to Ken's "My Old Kentucky Dome", I saw that a flared opening could look good.

Anyway, here is the 12x12 patio with the Cooking Island at the outer edge. It isn't covered, but I put up a portable garage so Eli, my mason, could work without getting snowed on. Yes, it snowed today. The oven platform is 6' wide by 7' deep. There is a 40" wide counter next to it and then there is a 32" pad next to that for my Kamado. I ended up making my landing area in front of the oven only 6" deep. It will be 21" from the edge of the "counter" to the mouth of the oven. I stand about 6' tall, but I don't have a lot of reach and this puts the back of the oven just about 5' away from me. I hadn't read anything about what is optimal, so I'm kind of winging it here. The sweeping tool is about 4' 2" long so it seems I'll be able to clean the oven easily. Gulp, I hope.

Here are some images of the island after Eli left the first day.:

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