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Marcel 08-18-2005 07:34 AM

Is it possible to Copy-Paste just photos to "Brick Oven Photos"?
(M) This question is really meant for James Bierney, the "Moderator-Administrator" of the Forum:

(M) James, you suggested that we build a really large library of Photos on the forum section called "Brick Oven Photos". That seems like a good idea yet many of us are probably tempted to support our questions and answers with photos in whatever "thread" we are using.

(M) As "Administrator", could you leave the photos on the various "threads" but also copy and paste all the photos on that special page called "Brick Oven Photos"?

(M) If that were possible, you could use your building experience to group them into sub-sets, e.g. "Foundation Photos", "Concrete Block Wall Stand Photos", "Insulated Hearth Photos", "Dome Photos", etc.

(M) This may be more complicated and time consuming than I am aware of so I hope you know that this question is not meant as a complaint. I am grateful for the photos wherever I find them.

(M) Thank you for your time.


james 08-18-2005 09:47 PM

What does everyone think?

I can set up sub-forums, with sticky threads that stay at the top of the section to arrange photos for:

Hearth and foundation
Oven construction
Vent and oven arches
Trim and finish

You could use the "attachments" button to arrange photos inside each section. There might be some replication with photos posted within each Forum section, but again, storage is cheap, and easy access is the first order.

I think we should keep food photos attached with the recipes in the various cooking sections.

Let me know what you all think. If the consensus is separate photo sections, I can set it up.


Marcel 08-18-2005 10:17 PM

One member's view on Photos being also posted as sub-sets
As the author of that splendid idea I feel I need to recuse myself lest I give the illusion of personal bias. It is totally immaterial to me which way the vote goes, though I suspect that those who would oppose it probably prefer to build Alan Scott ovens. Never-the-less, make up your own minds and rest assured that I will not tell you who I really am but sign this gallant and totally objective offering simply as,

Anonymous Bosch

paulages 08-19-2005 12:09 AM

i know that in the short time since i have joined this forum, information has become more and more available, so anything to promote easier access for future builders is good in my book. i concur with the anonomous bosch.

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