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Default Re: Portable Forno Bravo in Boulder

I am also looking for the same...
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Default Re: Portable Forno Bravo in Boulder

We are almost done.
For those who are truly interested it's going to be worth the wait.
Checkback soon!

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Default Website is up.

Thanks for inquires. The site is now up.

Our 2007 catering business is really taking off and we are finding new venues and opportunities every week. We personally have seen the potential first hand and even our customers comment, "What a great business idea."

We can be reached at the exisiting email address for further information.

Joseph Pergolizzi
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Default Re: Portable Forno Bravo in Boulder

Originally Posted by james View Post

I could see this as the perfect extension to your bakery. Pizza, focaccia and hearth bread where you want it; when you want it. Just-in-time pizza. I get the sense that you would be good at it -- and it would definitely get you out of the house.

Joseph said that experience event caterers were coming up to him saying that they've been doing this for 15+ years, and that the wood-fired oven was the best thing they've seen in years. The Fire Within is close to fully booked for the near-term, and they have a good list of events contacting them.

We are still deciding how we are going to handle the plans for the trailer -- and the things you need to do to keep the oven attached to the trailer, the dome structurally secure, etc. We can talk off-line about that.

If anyone is thinking about a trailer oven, you can contact me directly.

Pretty cool.....

My friend and I are actually building an oven on a trailer this spring - ya know, when the ice melts off his driveway - and we'll be traveling to different farmer's markets in the area to make pizza and bread. He's got an LLC for the bread, and I'll be getting the LLC for the Pizza, as you have one business for each type of baking in Wisconsin. If you don't mind, I'd like to take your idea and run with it for the name, "Just In Time Pizza".

We're planning to build the oven on a 4x6 trailer, using welded angle iron as the base, with a hand-built forno-style oven on top, and we'll likely end up building the house around it like you have shown in the pictures, just because we'll need the extra structure for the bumpy roads around here. 1200 pizzas in 3 days... that's amazing... I think we'll have to start doing carnivals. =)
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Default Re: Portable Forno Bravo in Boulder

Out of curiosity, when you do events like that, do you bring dough balls and stretch the pizzas there or do you have them pre-stretched? I'm trying to visualize how you have the dough all at the right point of readiness for an all-day event when you have a steady line of people waiting. I bet you have to spend a day or so making all the dough ahead of time, wouldn't you?
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Default Re: Portable Forno Bravo in Boulder

Like everyone else, I too see the boundless possibilities of a mobile pizza set-up. What I am running into is problems with existing Health Code regulations. Here in Atlantic Canada, like many other areas, the Health Code would classify a mobile oven as a pushcart/hot dog stand as it is not enclosed. The regulations are quite specific in that any "scratch" product needs to be made in an enclosed facility so that it is protected from any form of contamination including "sunlight." So, by building or purchasing one of these units, I would have to serve only "processed" product such as McCain Frozen Pizzas. What's the point! I might as well open up a McDonald's. Does anyone know if the Fire Within has managed to find ways to circumvent narrow minded Health Inspectors who want to protect us from "sunlight."
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