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Smile Insulation.

Hi guys; thank you for the advice, and I needed to be clear on definition. The slab, I meant is that I had a complete slab (patio slab poured) @ the same time I poured the hearth as well, that is why acalled it slab also. Regarding my insulation is that I did not get the chance to do the insulation first and then pour the rest of concrete for the hearth. I had a block wall and bbq pit and the the oven block walls done for me, but I laid out the entire walls with footings all around the block walls. I got hurt at work and cannot do the heavy work with my hands, and that limited my manual input or I would have done it the way you described it. So what I opted to do to compensate for the insulation is to double up on the base foundation with fire bricks, and offsetting the joints, I believe this will take care of the insulation. What do you guys think. I know it will be more work and material but I really do not have a choise.
By the way I will be insulating the entire oven once the brick work is completed with virmaculite insulation.

Thank you so much for the input, and like the pictures it makes it much more clear the steps and pattern.

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Default Thermometer

Sorry guys, I forgot to ask a important question. Does anyone know or have installed a thermometer in the oven? I am looking into purchasing a thermometer tha thas a range up to 1,000F, +/- 1F. I am trying to think of the proper location on the height. The model I am loking at has a 12" long probe, and it mounts right into the oven. I believe it should be close to the middle. Any suggestions!

Thanks again.

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