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Sananguero 01-18-2011 08:17 PM

off grid build
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Thought Id switch this post to the photo areas for some comments... I wasnt able to upload several of the pics but the last two are where the oven stands now. I plan to cast the keystone when I get back and cover with 2 in of insulfrax and finish with vermicrete. I was thinking of stucco outside of this before an eventual rock wall finish for added strength to support the rocks. Is this a good idea? Also anybody know where to get insulfrax on the west coast? Shipping is $176 for a 1 in roll on the site here to hawaii. Also could not find Michael Monaghan the listed dealer of forno bravo. The phone number listed was not his. There is some more details about my off grid build at

Lburou 01-18-2011 08:42 PM

Re: off grid build
That is a surprising job considering you are off the grid!

I hope your bricks stand up to the fire....I admire your committment to the off the grid living :cool:

Sananguero 01-10-2012 11:39 AM

Re: off grid build
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Aloha everyone and happy new year! Thought Id send an update as I had a chance to do some work out at the property this winter break. Built a lean to frame from local guava and ohia poles to make a roof for the oven to keep it dry and make a hang out area. First week of work out there and it was averaging two inches of rain per day! I still would like to put some kind of a waterproof coating over the vermicrete/perlcrete insulation. Any suggestions? Originally I had planned to do vermicrete insulation for the dome as I did for the floor, however I was told that vermiculite absorbs more water than perlite, so purchased two bags of perlite to add to the vermiculite I already had hoping that it would hold less moisture. My current thought is that some type of hydraulic cement coating would do well to seal the insulation before I finish with lava rock. I visited a local cement product supplier in town and saw they had two similar waterproof cement type products, one from BASF, but declined to purchase as they were pricey ($150 per 50lb bag) and required a latex bonding agent to be mixed in, which Im not a fan of even though it was rated NSF food safe. I was thinking some sort of homebrew recipe like a 2:1:1 sand, lime, portland mix might do well... any thoughts? I already used a homebrew recipe for the high heat mortar of 3:1:1:1 sand, lime, portland, clay that has hardened nicely. On a side note while i was arranging the poles and corrugated roofing I was walking all over the dome and putting additional weight of the poles and it seemed very solid. Plan to go back out in a few weeks to finish the job (finally) then spring break will begin firing and have a pizza and portuguese sweet bread bake.


Lburou 01-10-2012 06:15 PM

Re: off grid build
As long as that tin over the oven keeps the oven dry, you should be good. I once used a flexible, two part product to seal the roof of my motorhome. It was expensive, but would hold up for ten years or so. Since it is not going to get very hot (assuming you do have effective insulation planned) any chemicals won't be anywhere near the food. :)

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