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Default Re: My first oven - Alan Scott style down under

"What else would you do if not using a steel lintel?"

Cast iron would be a better bet than steel. But I don't think you are going to have problems with your lintel.

"400 degrees isnt enough to melt steel "

No it isn't. Melting temperatures for most steels are in the order of 2500 F, but, steel will start to loose its strength at temperatures as low as 450 F. (depending on the type of steel). Cast iron will show no signs of weakening to 1000 F or more , well beyond any temperature likely to be reached in the lintel area.

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Default Re: My first oven - Alan Scott style down under

with spans where talking about the lintel will be more than fine and in some cases stronger than and arch (and a brick arch is only as good as the bricky laying it) and for it to fail it realy has to pull out of the ajoining brickwork and if that happens the bricks would off moved somewhat

and if that happened i think you have more troubles than a lintle bowing
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Nice render... real earth look....
Steel lintal... Yes I have them I'm "masonary impaired" so a brick arch was not to be. The only problem I can see in the future is rust, Im on the coast so anything rusts especially if its heated. I'm prepared in the future to tap it out and replace it (i have a piece in the shed just in case). Hasn't been a problem to date and when cleaning the oven I just wipe a little cooking oil on it. keeps it from rusting till the next fire

Regards Dave
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