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By this time, I had also placed some 8” weldmesh (I ordered ¼” but was supplied with ⅜”) and had started to box up the hearth slab area with old facia and barge boards – cast-offs from the adjoining shed. Note the small blocks screwed to the ends of the timber forms on each side of the hearth slab [OP]. These enable the screws which secure the assembly to be fastened into cross-grained timber in all instances, rather than into the end-grain of the adjacent timber form. A much stronger joint results, and eliminates the need for strapping to keep everything together. I first noticed this on VillaGok brick oven - May 2005 which is also where I got the idea to build the hearth slab on a separate structure, and enclose the lot in a brick veneer. An interesting site and worth a look.

I was advised by my builder to attach the ‘legs’ of the frame to the outside face of the timber planks, rather than underneath. As a result, it was very easy to adjust the height of the formwork, prior to fastening the legs.

The day the hearth slab was to be poured had come, requiring some last minute rebar around the formwork for the ash slot. I would have preferred a single U-shaped piece of rebar, but I think this will do the job, considering the steel decking underneath.

Last edited by Hendo; 04-04-2007 at 06:47 AM. Reason: OP - Reminder to include on Oven Plans! (Suggestion)
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Default Re: Hendo's Oven


Congratulations on both a fine, well planned project and a fine photo essay. This will be a monument to your determination. Keep up with the pics. Very cool indeed. Just wait till the cooking starts.

"Made are tools, and born are hands"--William Blake, 1757-1827
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Default Re: Hendo's Oven

Wires had been threaded through the timber forms from one side to the other, and tensioned to prevent the formwork from bowing out during the concrete pour. These obviate the need to brace the centre of the forms with angled props. A very simple way to ensure that all formwork stays put! In the next photo (and others), you may be able to make out two angled wires running from left to right, tensioned with short lengths of rebar, and one twisted one going from top to bottom – where a small metal plate prevented it from cutting in to the timber form. I had also drilled the timber forms on either side and threaded some brick ties through, which will help support the external brick veneer.

I also decided at the last minute to run some PVC plastic tubing through the slab, to provide for copper pipes for water and gas, should I ever decide that I need them on the opposite side of the oven to their supply point. The alternative would be to dig a trench around the oven footing again, which I’d prefer not to do. They may never be needed, but they’re there if I want them, providing they don’t melt in the meanwhile!

All is now ready for the concrete pour. Ready-mix concrete again, as it proved to be cheaper than buying bags and mixing it myself, and so much easier! It took the delivery driver a while to work out what was being made, but he got it eventually. In the driest state in the driest continent on earth, most people building such structures are doing it for rainwater tanks, and this is usually the first guess. However, brick ovens are now being built in ever increasing numbers.

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After the pour, with which I was again assisted by a good mate. It was fast work, as the temperature was getting into the thirsty thirties (or in the eighties on the Fahrenheit scale), so there was frenzied shovelling, rodding, screeding and tamping, and no time for ‘in-progress’ photo’s unfortunately. Finally all was complete.

Next – on to the dome!
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Thumbs up Re: Hendo's Oven

Great detail Hendo.
I'm pretty thorough with most things that I do but you have certainly exceeded my expectations. The brick oven is only a part, although it be the catalyst for a major project. In a way, I am in a similar situation Also in Adelaide where I am to put an oven into an existing entertainment area which will then be upgraded to meet the new needs. I have another project to complete first and a daughters wedding before I commence the oven but the planning is well underway.
I will follow your progress with envy and maybe get some more ideas.
Thank you for your pictures.

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Default Re: Hendo's Oven

Thanks Neill.

With thoroughness comes delays however! I look with envy at others who put these things up in a few days, and I'm still wondering how I'm going to overcome the next problem, which no doubt exists only in my mind! I have many people in this forum to thank for continued encouragement and motivation.

Good that it's the 'last' daughter - my project was delayed for similar reasons, but only the one (daughter/wedding) last year so the finances are starting to recover!

Drop me a private message if you like, but I'd be interested in hearing more about the door project - I used to work at BTM at Kilburn, with the Stewarts & Lloyd's foundry across the road, so know a little about pattern making for cast iron products etc, and would like to learn more if you care to share. McKechnie's wouldn't be the foundry of which you speak, per chance?

Good to hear from another Adelaidean.

Cheers, Paul.
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Default Re: Hendo's Oven


Beautiful work so far. It looks like you could drive a tank over that hearth!
Wade Lively
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Default Re: Hendo's Oven

Hello there, Hendo!

I snuck a quick view of your project before Easter - but was so gobsmacked by the professionalism and thoroughness that I was briefly lost for words! (That from a journo...)

But others have expressed well the unstinting praise you deserve! Splendidly detailed photos, too! Thanks for sharing the experience...

My own haphazard project is still at the hearth curing stage (I poured the slab on Tuesday - pic attached).


Attached Thumbnails
Hendo's Oven-img_0777.jpg  
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Default Re: Hendo's Oven

Excellent work Hendo (and you too Carioca). The boys down under are showing us how it's done!

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Default Re: Hendo's Oven

thats a very serious construction hendo ,have you started the dome yet?
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