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Also a few notes on my oven performance:
Heatup takes 90-120 mins depending on how much wood i throw in.
Temperatures are good with 700F + in the floor and the air temp inside the dome at ~800F at cooking time. Does peak up to 1500F though when it's at full blast!

I let the coals die down and put my wood door on it at night, and the temps are at 200C the next morning and will typically drop to about 160C by that night (24 hrs).

Smoke out the front only occurs when i have the wind in the wrong direction, and if i use green/wet wood. Otherwise it draws pretty good.

I generally only cook 1 pizza at a time with the coals over to one side, but if I push it to the back, 2 12" pizza's are an easy fit in the front. The first pizza last weekend was done in the 90 second timeframe, but they take a bit longer as it cools a bit, but still 2-3 mins max.
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Just thought i'd add another quick update on my oven.
I checked the temp of the bottom of my support slab the other night after pizza's and it actually does warm up a bit. I could only test it by hand and it was warm to touch but certainly not hot, so guesstimate of 30-40 deg C.

I have a single layer of 50mm thick insulating board betweem my hearth bricks and the slab, and the concrete slab is 140mm thick, so to warm it up, there is a substantial amount of heating going into it.

It doesn't affect my pizza cooking ability as i can still get my oven floor bricks to 800F easily enough, but my oven probably isn't holding it's heat as long as others with better insulation under the bricks.

So, next time i build, i'll be either adding another layer of insulating board, or do a vermicrete layer under it as well (or both).

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