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Default Re: 42" Pompeii at the Concrete Casa

Hi Andy,
Just a few pizza pointers:
First, you are correct, when you get hotter temps the crust will greatly improve. That capuo flour will really sing at close to 800 deg.

You say pizzas stuck to the peel. This may not be what happened to you but we all (ok, maybe some don't, but should) hand stretch the dough on a heavily floured surface, that is NOT the same as the pizza peel we will be placing the pizza on and into the oven (the 'placing peel'). I usually stretch the dough on a very large metal pizza tray, sometimes a large smooth plastic tray, something big enough that will contain my flour dust and not spread it all over the kitchen. Once it is spread and the right diameter, I shake it (ya, it contracts a 1/2" inch) then slide it on to the heavily floured wood peel where I put the toppings on (no longer than about a minute and I usually give it a shake to be sure there is no sticking while I dress up the pizza) then slide it into the oven. That way the pizza dough is not on the same floured surface for 5 minutes getting sticky. Many use grainy semolina or corn meal on the "placing peel", I always use rice flour that releases even better.

I used canned crushed tomatoes recently too but I slowwwwly simmered it for 2 hours to thicken it up but not really cook it.

Great pizza's will soon become an easy thing for you and your wife.

Are almost at pizza temps? 800-900 deg or still curing?
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Default Re: 42" Pompeii at the Concrete Casa

Dino -

Thanks for the great tips. We had MUCH better success the second time using the method you described. We staged the pizzas and used more flour on the prep surface. Just to be safe I pre-cooked the crust for just a few seconds to firm it up, then we pulled it out, topped it, and finished cooking. Best pizza I have ever had, bar none.

I did have the over much hotter too - my Dad dropped by for a visit as I was firing and ended up staying for a few hours, so I kept the oven going at a little over 800F for several hours. It was completely heat soaked, and I had no problems making carnitas the next day and drying peppers from the garden for the next several days. I would say I'm fully cured - there haven't been any cracks inside the dome, just a few hairline cracks in the outer arch.

I just finished the insulation, I have two layers (thicker in some places where it overlaps) of the insulating blanket wrapped from one side of the vent to the other, and I dumped in 32 cubic feet of vermiculite over the top of that before sealing it up. I've yet to cook with that extra vermiculite in there, I don't think it will make a huge difference but should help a little bit - I'll find out this weekend.

My enclosure is almost done being roughed in I put the membrane and drip edge on the roof last night. I'm thinking of planting sedum up there for a living roof, but still thinking through the weight of that to see if it will work.

I just have to pick out the exterior finish material and get that going, and I ordered the same lights as you, they should be here in the next few days. I'm going to try a solar panel mounted on the roof and a little battery to see if that gives enough juice to light the door area and countertop.

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Default Re: 42" Pompeii at the Concrete Casa

Hey Andy,

I just read through your thread and was wondering a few things: First, how does the finished oven look? Any pictures? Second, how did the solar panel and battery idea work out for you? I would love to hear.

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