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Default Re: starter logs question

Me? ...I'm sticking with the big propane weed burner.
I save the bark and small stuff from the splitter and toss it into the oven along with a lattice work of 8th and 16th splits. It hangs out until the next fire.
Next, the full impact of 500,00 BTU roaring from the the nozzle. (I can almost smell the JP-4) First, the flue gets heated so the smoke finds its way. A medium 2 or 3 minute blast should do the trick.
I use the door to restrict and shape the airflow to create a venturi. (*Insert light bulb emoticon here* Holy Mackeral! Xabia Jim is right... Using the door, the oven could be used as a smoker! Man, am I dumb.) About 2 beers later, you should see a nice bed of coals. Push 'em to the side and build it up.
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Default Re: starter logs question

Not to dig up an old thread.... but in doing research for my own oven (yes reading every relevant thread from the begining...) I have a wood burning fireplace insert that we use to heat our home (western PA). It has pourous insulating firebrick and any starter with wax or sap (fatwood) melts down to the floor and destorys the brick over time. I get the insert cranked up pretty hot but the wax (or sap) never burns off before it soaks in.

I know that the floor of our overns is much more dense, but I would imagine that starter logs would end up making a mess over time, even if the bricks were not damaged.
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