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Angie 05-03-2014 05:43 PM

shaping pizza dough
I am a newbie and following the dough recipe weighing rather than volume. Still having trouble getting my dough to stretch. It seems to tear easily and I am being gentle with the dough....I have watch you tube videos.....any suggestions?

Lburou 05-11-2014 07:16 AM

Re: shaping pizza dough
We all have that problem at one time or another, so hang in there. When you figure it out, be sure to post a thread about it. ;)

This is a link to a complete manual, including troubleshooting ideas, of pizza making. Hope you find something useful for your trek to that perfect pizza. :)

deejayoh 05-11-2014 11:57 AM

Re: shaping pizza dough
If it is tearing, I suspect it's not sufficiently proofed and/or up to temp. That's when I usually have problems.

If you want input, it would help if you detailed your process. What recipe, how do you proof, how do you form you dough balls, etc.

If you are looking specifically for shaping tips - this video is killer.

TropicalCoasting 05-11-2014 03:23 PM

Re: shaping pizza dough
Could also be the amount of mixing to develop the glutens. or water to flour mix
Experience will solve your problem
Keep making pizzas and eating them it a fun way to learn.
Eventually it will happen by eye and feel .

Angie 05-11-2014 05:03 PM

Re: shaping pizza dough
thank you all for your feedback. I am going to check out the video and the other info recommended. thanks again!!!

applor 05-11-2014 05:12 PM

Re: shaping pizza dough
You need to give it time to rest. You're at the stage of stretching to make your pizza I take it?
What ferment time are you allowing?
I suggest doing a 2 day cold ferment. 24 hours bulk and 24 hours balled and then remove dough from fridge 2 hours before use.

hodgey1 05-11-2014 05:23 PM

Re: shaping pizza dough
Like DeeJay said, detail your entire process from start to where your having problems and that will enable us to help a lot more. Without more detail the only advice I can give you is to make sure that you've kneaded the dough enough and to make sure you are useing closed fists to gently stretch.

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