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jeff 12-03-2007 06:37 AM

Sawdust/vermiculite/waterglass/clay mixes.
Look, I'll be honest: James was good enough to post me his e-book on Pompeii Ovens. Since then, I've looked and thought a lot.
Seems to me that lime/clay /sawdust is fine as a semi-insulator.
Vermiculite/waterglass also seems good in theory.
Anybody out there used termite mound as a source of clay?
Fellers, I've enjoyed a minor health glitch, so confined to 'Sedentry Duties', hence the bizzare questions.
ALL comments (useful and/or humorous), are warmly welcome.
Good cooking, eh.
ps. Have decided on a 29"oven,6" insulation, 2" shell, roughly.
pps. Why build an earth oven? I guess part goes back to WW2 and Kokoda.
(Kokoda is in New Guinea: just N of Australia, and a bit to the S of Viet Nam.)
Anyway, my Uncle Jim was an Army cook 60 years ago, and although we never exchanged warries, he did speak fondly of 44 gallon drum ovens, set in an earthen bank.
So now I'm catchin up. thanks eh. jh.

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