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Taxin 03-03-2011 04:00 PM

It"s here!!!!!
My Casa2G arrived today getting ready to take it home I will post pictures when I get going !!Not a build up but will suite me just fine until I build one from scratch :D:D:D

stonylake 03-04-2011 06:18 PM

Re: It"s here!!!!!
i built my first one from scratch. the next one will be a Casa... i loved doing the build and would not trade the experience, but i won't invest that amount of time on the next one.

Taxin 03-05-2011 05:39 PM

Re: It"s here!!!!!
Wow Stonylake that's kinda good to hear for me anyway I just don't have the time so anyway I have my stand amd pad built and poured :D

Taxin 03-07-2011 11:33 AM

Re: It"s here!!!!!
Ok so the pad is up the modular casa2g is all together and mortered up and now it needs to sit for a week so I should be able to post some pictures some time this week!

stonylake 03-08-2011 08:32 AM

Re: It"s here!!!!!
i'll be interested in seeing the build and getting a feel for the time it takes.

Taxin 03-09-2011 06:53 PM

Re: It"s here!!!!!
The WFO is uh resting for one week this saturday the 12th I can fire it up to start the cure I am getting errors on my picture upload so will work on that but the assembly was a snap I had a frame at the shop that didn't get used on a job so I welded it together and lengthened the legs, put the hardiback down formed the pad for the oven already had a pad for the patio hand mixed the concrete 8 90lb bags and sunday I assembled the oven and plastered up the joints tuesday did another coat and this afternoon I started the insulation could've finished insulating tonight but will finish tomorow unloaded some wood for the cure instead pictures will be coming so far so good

Taxin 03-12-2011 08:08 AM

Re: It"s here!!!!!
I have pictures but working on the oven it is curing was kinda tough trying to keep the low fire got smoky at times was expecting the fire dept at any minute kinda like watching water boil

stonylake 03-14-2011 11:32 AM

Re: It"s here!!!!!
do you cure the casa the same way as a brick oven? i used Sterno fuel for my first few fires, nice and clean... did 18 pizza's last nite...

Taxin 03-15-2011 03:43 PM

Re: It"s here!!!!!
Stonylake I strted curing with a small fire to 300 degrees then add 50 degrees everyday till 500 toniight it will be done I was thinkg of setting up the propane burner but it seemed easier to just build the fire instead.Holy cow this upload is taking forever still trying to post some pictures but have been getting errors.

Taxin 03-16-2011 10:29 AM

Re: It"s here!!!!!
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Ok let's try this it worked looked like the picture needed to be resized the picture

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